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About Us


iResearch Services is one of India’s leading market research services provider. Over the years iResearch Services has earned recognition in research & consulting industry as one of the reliable and respected firm by some of the largest research houses globally.


iRS has achieved a excellent growth over the past few years with a new offerings complementing the industry growth and client needs every year. From a mere meeting expectation we have always aimed at exceeding expectations and a result of this is our repeat clients and long lasting relationships.


With offices in US, UK, India, we offer a broad range of services that includes telephonic and online data collection, specialist panels, hard to reach audience, multi-geography and multi-lingual surveys, report writing, analysis and charting, infographics, scripting and data processing, lead generation, content syndication, white paper reporting, digital marketing, lead generation, telemarketing and Big data services to global clientele.

Follow the sun approach!

We operate our data collection centre from India, regardless of the geographic region or regions being studied we operate 24 x 6/7.


We believe in ‘follow the sun approach’ which keeps us on toes with our clients ensuring them faster communication, better accessibility, quicker turn-around-time and a consistent, to reliable work schedule.


This enables our client’s faster data consolidation and reporting to end clients if need be.


Collecting gigantic data and transforming them into unambiguous insights, is an art we know very well.

It all comes back to research!

We today work with Top 50 research and consulting firms globally and our services has reached varied set of industries today including but not limited to start-up’s & SME’s, private, public and governments.