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Membership & Certifications

Member of ESOMAR - iResearch Services


ESOMAR is the essential organisation for encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide.  ESOMAR facilitates an on-going dialogue with its 4,900 members, in over 130 countries, through the promotion of a comprehensive programme of industry specific and thematic conferences, publications and best practice guidelines.


ESOMAR also provides ethical guidance and actively promotes self-regulation in partnership with a number of associations across the globe.  iResearch Services is proud to be a member of ESOMAR. Visit ESOMAR website for more information.




ISO 20252:2006 establishes the terms and definitions as well as the service requirements for organizations and professionals conducting market, opinion and social research. The principal objective of ISO is to facilitate business development and growth particularly between different national and regional markets.


The intention is to apply the principles of international quality standards to market, opinion and social research and to harmonize other national standards already available.  iResearch Services is proud to be an ISO 20252:2006 certified organization. Visit ISO website for more information.

iResearch Services is a member of CASRO


Founded in 1975, CASRO represents more than 300 companies and market research operations in the United States and abroad. CASRO requires members to adhere to the CASRO Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research, a tough, internationally-cited set of standards, which has long been the benchmark for the industry.


CASRO has achieved unique status among all North American associations by serving as an active representative on numerous global initiatives and as chief liaison with several leading international associations. CASRO is an active member of the Americas Research Industry Alliance (ARIA) and the Global Research Business Network (GRBN).  iResearch Services is proud to be a member of CASRO. Visit CASRO website for more information.


The Market Research Society (MRS) is the world’s leading research association. For all those who need, use, generate or interpret the evidence essential to making good decisions for commercial and public policy. MRS is dedicated to the support, promotion and enrichment of the research and business world.


With members in more than 60 countries, MRS is the world’s largest research association serving all those with professional equity in provision or use of market, social and opinion research, and in business intelligence, market analysis, customer insight and consultancy.  iResearch Services is proud to be a member of MRS. Visit MRS website for more information.

Member of MRSI - iResearch Services

Market Research Society of India (MRSI), a unique non-profit autonomous market research body formed by a large fraternity of research suppliers and users spread across India. Established in January 1988, the MRSI is at the forefront of maintaining standards of excellence in the market research industry in India.


MRSI Code of Conduct are the guidelines that all MRSI members abide by in the conduct of their business to achieve highest professional standards. All the members of MRSI agree to voluntarily abide by the ICC / ESOMAR International Code on Market & Social Research. iResearch Services is proud to be a member of MRSI. Visit MRSI website for more information.


The American Marketing Association (AMA) was established in 1937 by visionaries in marketing and academia. Today, the AMA has grown to be one of the largest marketing associations in the world, with over 30,000 members who work, teach and study in the field of marketing across the globe.


As the leading organization for marketers, AMA is the trusted go-to resource for marketers and academics and counted on as the most credible marketing resource for knowledge, training and tools to enhance lifelong learning and obtain valuable information and connections. iRS is proud to be a member of AMA. Visit AMA website for more information.