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Competitive Intelligence

Gain The Competitive Edge With iResearch Services


We are living in a world where knowledge is power, and when you are short of certain data, it can really turn into misfortune. This is where competitive intelligence comes to your rescue, it‘s never difficult to know what your competitors are doing. The definition of competitive intelligence describes the term accurately – “The process of collecting and analyzing information about competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in a legal and ethical manner to enhance business decision-making.”


As a business you are always curious to know your competitor’s movements. Therefore, their actions are critical for your business successes. It is thus important to keep up the pace with them. An up-to-date information can hugely make the difference in getting ahead or being left behind.


iResearch Services – Competitive Intelligence Advantage

iResearch Services is well poised to offer you strategic competitive intelligence (CI) services. We believe in ethical collection of non-proprietary data and analysis of competitor and market research information from open sources using both secondary and primary collection techniques. Our prime focus is always to facilitate our clients with powerful insight and hard-to-find statistics enabling them to make more informed decisions in their business intelligence initiatives.


We provide customized competitive intelligence services as per your research needs. The scope involves analysis of quantitative measures, primarily focusing more on qualitative information than the quantitative market research data. We scan, track, and analyze market and competitor news and information that is available through open sources in an ethical manner or through interviewing.


We possess extensive expertise in handling voluminous data and our team of analysts have rich experience in knowledge management systems. In addition, we blend our market research experience with competitive intelligence to provide better information on strategic business topics such as market opportunity or market entry. We provide both ‘Tactical’ and ‘Strategic’ competitive intelligence.


iResearch Services – Competitive Intelligence Solutions

  • New products and offerings
  • Market audits & Product positioning
  • Acquisition screening, market share and financial data
  • Competitor profiles, pricing and channels
  • Legislative tracking, research and development
  • Industry assessments, emerging markets
  • Primary data gathering, marketing campaigns
  • News and online media monitoring
  • Trade shows and exhibitions collections.
  • Promotions and partnerships


Some of the key monitoring areas we deal with throughout the year are –

  • Government policies and regulations
  • Economic trends
  • Emerging market opportunities
  • Industry updates
  • Promotions & Partnerships


iRS performs real-time intelligence generating fresh outlook and brand new insights and make them available to our global clients on a timely manner.