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Research Analyst – Primary Research (English)

Job Profile:

Primary Responsibilities/Skills:

  • Excellent in Spoken English and proficient with Microsoft Office
  • Primarily responsible for telephonic research and data collection in US/UK.
  • Studies conducted on industries like Healthcare, IT, Telecom, Finance and more using Telephone and CATI software.
  • Responsible for finding the key source(s) to harvest the relevant data with respect to specifications.
  • Following the standard operating procedures and internal quality guidelines.


Additional Responsibilities

1. Able to achieve job assignments in accordance with the expectations.

2. Managing service quality and timeliness in the delivery of the work.

3. Develop and maintain Research material and current service knowledge.

4. Timely updating on completion of work to immediate managers and supervisors.

5. Ensure to deliver maximum volume of work in timely manner.