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Account Profiling & Gathering Business Intelligence

Account profiling is a specialized service offered by iResearch Services in building a comprehensive, meticulous and in-depth report about clients. The prime advantage of such a service to businesses is that they are able to gain tremendous knowledge about their customers which in turn helps them to take planned and strategic business decisions pertaining to products, services and business prospects and also gain insight about market availability.


In short, account profiling can be termed as a penetrative and tailored approach to gather the preferred account intelligence thus helping clients in taking strategic social, economic and political decisions.

Key Advantages of Account Profiling

1. Accurate and guaranteed results – The services of account profiling provided by iRS help business clients in attaining a program that is guaranteed to succeed. This becomes possible mainly due to our specialized sales research team who engage in one to one dialogue with the prime contacts. Being well versed in navigating an account and obtaining the information, they are able to easily satisfy the clients and thus help them in achieving guaranteed results.


2. Personalized research – At iRS, we specialize in providing the services as per the need of the employer. The following factors are taken into account the requirement of the client, the industry they are based and the type of research that is needed to be carried out.

Account Profiling – Benefits to clients

The Account profiling services provided by iRS helps businesses to gain an insight about

  • How a prospective buyer thinks,
  • How they plan,
  • Who are their competitors?
  • What products / services they use?
  • When is the subscription ending?
  • Their future decisions pertaining to the purchase of a specific product or service.