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Appointment Generation

A sale is all about the relationship between the business or industry and its customers. At iRS, we firmly believe in building a strong rapport with the clients through regular interactions, understanding their goals and objectives and designing campaigns to suit their budgets and requirements.


We at iResearch Services focus on identifying the sales opportunities by identifying the key decision makers. This is done via face to face meetings or by creating appointments over phone. These measures adopted by iRS help clients in having a clear targeted market base.


In short, iRS can be called as the “channel or medium” helping to create new relationships between the business and its customers.

Appointment Generation Steps at iResearch Services

  • Fix up meetings with prospective decision makers who have genuine interest in the client’s product or service.
  • Scheduling of direct face to face meetings for the client’s sales team within their assigned territories.
  • Assisting the client’s sales team with proper strategies and tactics for execution of the forthcoming travel plans.
  • Ensuring proper conduct of web demos by fixing the date and time for the sales team of the client with the respective decision makers showing interest in the offerings of the client’s company.


The ultimate motive behind appointment generation is to optimize the chances to create opportunities for any business.

Benefits of choosing iRS Appointment Generation Services

  • Dedicated Specialist who act an an extension of your team
  • Pay for Performance Model
  • Arranging appointment over the phone with prospects at the appropriate date and time.
  • Timely Follow up and reminders on all meetings generated.
  • Developing pipelines of warm leads
  • In-house language Resources with extensive knowledge of target sectors and geographical locations