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Data Appending / Cleansing

In the modern era of fierce competition and business rivalry, having complete know how about the customers is essential for any organization to reduce the gap between marketing and sales effectiveness.  Customer data base if maintained effectively not only helps an organization to be in touch with the customers but also helps in updating the customers on the latest offers, products and services.


Even a slight gap in the contact data is enough to bring a downward slide in the leads and sales in your current business. For this, restricting only with data verification is not adequate, organization needs to enhance or upgrade it by cleansing the current data base with erroneous and outdated data.

Enhancing and Improving The Current Database

The need for enhancing and improving the current data base results from the fact that people constantly switch jobs, relocate to new places, get promoted or get retired. Unless updated regularly, most data end up becoming outdated and redundant thus affecting the marketing campaigns and revenues for the company.


The data base of each company being unique, identifying the bad or the invalid ones becomes a difficult task. This is where professionally managed automated and manual data cleansing services of iResearch Services help in creating relevant, accurate and authentic customer records.

Benefits of Our Data Cleansing Services to Clients

  • Helps in promoting effective marketing.
  • Assists in opening up the channel of communications with the customers
  • Cost effective.
  • Helps to personalize the interactions with the customers

Data Cleansing – How We Do It

At iRS we constantly strive to cleanse, measure, repair and affix records through various process of enhancement. This is done through the following stages:

  • Cleansing and verifying details of name, address, telephone number, email address, job details and other personal information.
  • Validation of information gathered so as to ensure that the prospective or intended customer receives all the information.
  • Filtering duplicate records between two files or even within the single file. As a result, mailing the same offer many times to a single customer or to existing customers who have clearly shown their displeasure in getting mails from the organization can be totally stopped.
  • Removal of unwanted information after identifying it in cases where the prospective customer has moved away or is not relevant or interested. This helps save money wasted on emails/calls and also avoid nuisance for consumer.


With a set of trained and skilled professionals ready to make calls and scout the internet to obtain even the minutest of information pertaining to customer data base, organizations can take advantage of the outstanding market research techniques adopted by iRS and get benefited by increase in sales.