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Distribution of White Paper Leads

Getting sales leads is a challenging task for medium and small sized business enterprises. With a mountain of data to browse through and no genuine indicator to signal that the system will help generate loyal customers, has led to the emergence of white paper leads.


Though the definition of white paper is somewhat confusing and varies from industry to industry, it can be broadly defined as a forceful, authoritative and in depth report pertaining to a topic representing a problem and for which appropriate solution is provided.


In short, they can be rightfully called as the academic papers in respect to marketing content as they help highlight the characteristics of a specific product or service including solution if any required.


White paper leads acts as the perfect complement for promotional content and helps a business to achieve the maximum from cost per lead promotions.

Whitepaper Leads – How we do it?

iResearch Services have proven expertise in dissemination of whitepaper assets to clients with varied nature of businesses. We help our clients in designing an audience development program that help reach key decision makers and gather qualified leads..


iResearch’s telemarketing analysts are proficient and well versed with information rich white papers across all industries. Our analysts are trained in tapping the appropriate channels to gain prospective leads.


We don’t just distribute…… but educate our audience over the phone the benefits of receiving each and every whitepaper asset.


iResearch Services successfully generates over 25,000+ whitepaper leads a month across all verticals and geographies.  Reach out to us to know more..