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Concept Testing

Ascertaining or testing the feedback of consumers to an “idea” prior to the introduction of the actual product in the market is termed as “Concept or Market testing “.

The concept testing service provided by iResearch Services is often customized and exclusively designed to enable businesses to concentrate on developing and improvising their products or services and helping them to set their priorities right in gaining a larger market share.

Concept Testing Benefits

  • The prime advantage to a business in undertaking concept testing is seen in easier and greater acceptance by consumers of the launch of a new product or service.
  • Secondly the time, labor and effort on account of limited market research, including marketing and growth resources can be effectively channelized in the development of the new product.
  • A broader analysis and evaluation of the promotional, packaging, advertising and strategic concepts becomes feasible.

Our Approach To Concept Testing

For a business house to gain optimum results, adopting concept testing methods based on its objectives is very essential. iResearch Services specializes in providing the concept testing or market testing through a range of qualitative and quantitative methods that includes the following tests

  • New product Launch Concept Tests

This test is mainly done to gauge the maximum benefit which can be made available to consumers and the associated features aiding to create those benefits. This test can labeled as a “Feedback and Acceptance Test”

  • Product Up-gradation, migratory path or amendment tests


The core idea behind undertaking amendments, migratory and up-gradation tests by iResearch Services is to give a new lease of life to the already existing services and products. For this, a study of the already existing products is undertaken. This helps to time and differentiate the introduction of new features. Concept Testing acts as a critical aspect in developing upgraded products and services involving the latest technology that are better and more improved than the already existing ones.


The sole motive of iResearch Services in conducting concept testing is to meet the customer expectations of whether the advantages of the products outweigh the pricing after respective changes.