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Consumer Behaviour Studies

Understanding consumer behavior is very important for large and small enterprises facing stiff competition in today’s global environment. By analyzing and understanding consumer behavior, a marketer can create a powerful marketing program for constantly updating services and products to fulfil the ever growing demands of the consumers.

In spite of tremendous technical advancement, easy availability of information via internet about consumers and direct contact with customers through social media and mobile messaging platforms, most business houses are compelled to seek help from professionals in the area of market research for understanding the “psychology of the consumers” and make a sense of data collected.

Objective behind consumer behavior studies

Consumer business study throws light on the fact as to why, how and for what purpose does a customer use a specific product or service. In short, businesses are able to look at their products and services from the perspective of the consumer in the following ways:

  • What does my customer need?
  • How can I locate consumers for my product or service?
  • Why does my customer use my product?

How iResearch Services conducts Consumer Behavior Studies?

We believe in providing an exhaustive outlook to the companies about the consumer’s behavior by adopting the perfect blend of qualitative and quantitative methods. We leverage our panel ‘Panel Engage’ to most global consumer studies which is fast and cost effective.

The preliminary qualitative methods delves into deeper study of the subject while the latter quantitative analysis focuses solely on the information to explore and understand the incidence and strength of the exact consumer behavior.

For a deeper understanding of the consumer behavior, we at iResearch Services design tailor made methodologies to fulfill each and every business demand. These involve-

  • Online panel
  • Face to face interviews
  • Observatory analysis of individual or group behavior under a given condition
  • Surveys based on tailor made questionnaires
  • Telephonic interviews

We precisely analyze the factors that determine the changes in consumer behavior. A deeper and conscious study of the changes in consumer behavior is warranted as it is influenced by various internal and external factors such as-

  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle
  • Knowledge
  • Income
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Personality
  • Attitude
  • Motivations
  • Lifestyle
  • Feelings and beliefs
  • Culture
  • Past and present experiences

The elaborate study of the impact of all the above assimilated factors of consumer behavior by iResearch Services acts as a boon to business and industrial houses in identifying the unique selling point and consequently taking remedial measures to grab a fair share of market sales.