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Market Entry & Demand Studies

One of the major steps in market analysis is to understand the demand for a product within the consumer market. This helps most businesses to design and develop effective strategies to promote and sell their product in the market to a substantial customer base. However, the market intelligence information being an external influencing factor is generally believed to be difficult to locate thus requiring thorough market research resulting in expensive research studies.

Our Cutting Edge Solutions

iResearch Services is engaged in providing cutting edge business and market research using the CATI (Computer assisted Telephonic interview) and CAWI (Computer assisted web interviewing) solutions.


With our team of specialists known for their expertise in multilingual and multi-geographic online research studies, we are able to provide low cost online research in the following areas:

  • Current market scenario and future prospects
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Product information
  • Information about customer base
  • Market influencing factors


This enables businesses in attaining a deeper and broader analysis and clear understanding of the influence of each factor on the other.

Armed with such valuable input of market research studies, any business organization can develop foolproof and insightful strategic plan in a demand determinant market.

Benefits of CATI and CAWI in Market Research Analysis

The multi-mode methodologies choice at iResearch services is an amalgamation of telephone and web, resulting in innovative research solution to the clients.


CATI ( Computer Assisted Telephonic Interview):

  • In CATI, the questions are asked by the interviewer over the telephone and the recording of the answers received is done on the computer.
  • This simple and computer assisted interviewing is automated, quick and technically reliable.


CAWI(Computer Assisted Web Interviewing)

  • In CAWI, the method used by iResearch Services for conducting surveys and collecting data is through the web. The questionnaire can even be merged with various multimedia materials such as music, video and audio files.
  • This facilitates greater sophistication in the process of conducting interviews as only the answers appear on the screen with most of the implementation and filtering takes place in the background.
  • Another advantage of using the CAWI method is that immediate tracking of results is possible as all the data collection and answers get transferred to the main server with immediate effect.
  • The cost to business gets reduced as there is no print, data input and interviewer cost.
  • The respondents also get sufficient time to answer the questions.


With least input and collection time along with Real time data processing and follow up, businesses desiring to target a particular section of the population, such as the working population and net surfers can easily achieve their goals without escalating the cost.


iResearch Services is a leading name in the market research industry offering cost effective and efficient CATI and CAWI services to global clientele.