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Our Expertise - iResearch Services
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Our Expertise

We are researchers – data collection & presentation experts.


We know you prefer nothing less than unmatched quality and customer experience when it comes to research, why should you not, when research needs are so diverse. Partnering with the right market research company is of utmost importance in today’s competitive world if you wish to gather valuable market intelligence and consumer insights. iResearch Services is one of India’s Top 10 professional market research provider.


Why we call ourselves experts?


Established in 2008, we have made a strong presence globally in the market research industry with our superior services in business and consumer research, data collection, scripting and data processing, business analysis & data visualization. To add more, we today serve over 15+ industries that include IT, Telecom, Banking, Finance, Insurance, PR & Media, Entertainment and Healthcare.


Market research for us is all about discovering consumer insights that drive business decisions and marketing strategies in an organization and we have the knack of doing right every time. Our exceptional track record in CATI, CAWI, Panel Research and Recruiting just makes this process seamless for our clients. Our quality control procedures not only pledge reliable data to our clients – every time, but also comforts our respondents on confidentiality of their information.


We don’t just provide you the research services but push ourselves further to bring forth the undiscovered and unimaginable insights that usually remain untapped due to limitations on the part of conventional market research agencies. Our proprietary ITDM (Information Technology Decision Makers) panel is the perfect example of our in-depth knowledge and expertise in research exercises.


iRS is a ISO 20252:2006 company and member of ESOMAR World Research having offices in US, UK and India. With a global team of research experts coming from varied disciplines we’ve a great subject matter expertise, leveraged by all of our clients today. We compete with global established agencies and challenge the conventional approach of research they follow.


Our Capabilities


We connect to 90+ countries and communicate in more than 17 languages ensuring there is a personal touch to every task we do. We don’t just collect data from the consumers but connect with them to understand what they think about your company and your products or services. Our expert research analysts are never short of compliments for the way they approach the consumers. We treat every individual equally be it a CEO or a consumer, every opinion is equally important.


Our round-the-clock market research service delivery analysts speak to people across the globe, to collect their opinions on various studies that enable our clients to get valuable market insights and consumer behaviors. Our multi-shift operations & technological support aids iResearch Services to offer faster turnaround and real time updates on several studies thus empowering our clients to access the results any time. Our business research team, collect data points through multiple sources using a mix of qualitative and quantitative approach thus building up a consultative report after analyzing the data.


iResearch Services is endorsed by entrepreneurs having background covering business units in areas of Information Technology, Manufacturing, Distribution, Sales & Marketing and Trading with a combined annual revenues exceeding USD 200 MN.