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Role of Thought Leadership in Market Research Studies

19 Feb Role of Thought Leadership in Market Research Studies

Role of Thought Leadership in Market Research Studies

Thought leadership in market research studiesJoel Kutzman, an author for Strategy and Business magazine, coined the term ‘thought leadership’ and the definition came early in the 1990s. The first definition described thought leadership as ‘futurist’, a person widely known for his unique ideas and thoughts unusual at the time, such as a unique product, service that can have a large impact on the society.

With the advent of social media and networking online in the last few years, several companies are striving hard to become thought leaders in their niche. However, not of all them are able to achieve this position. Establishing your company as a thought leader demands talent, experience and passion inside your business, that aids you to answer the most difficult questions on the minds of your target audience on a particular subject.

What is a Thought Leadership?

A thought leader is an individual or a firm who is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise and sought and often rewarded. Thought leaders are opinion leaders and ones whom people often go to for an opinion. They are the trusted source of information that often inspire ideas and innovation. They change the world for better in meaningful ways and attract others to join their efforts.

Role of Thought leadership in Market Research Studies

Market research companies such as iResearch Services conducts research surveys involving the participation of recognized thought leaders from specialized fields. These thought leaders play a crucial role in expressing their opinion and sharing expertise information about a particular topic of their interest. These studies, in turn, help a market research company to prepare, analyze and generate insight based reports that help several organizations in making strategic business decisions. These studies generally involve CEOs, CFOs, ultra high net worth individuals, influencers and key stakeholders of a particular industry.

Essentials of Thought Leadership Market Research Studies

To implement effective thought leadership market research studies, it’s necessary to do a proper analysis, derive meaningful insight and demonstrate expertise. The visibility, reputation, and social influence are increasingly important these days. Thought leaders demonstrate influence in an assortment of offline and online media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and other content sharing websites. The thought leaders often have huge fans, followers, likes and shares for the content they publish on online platforms.

Despite the hype of thought leadership since years, it’s still gaining increased interest. Businesses are using thought leadership to promote their products and services spending around 2.2% of their revenue.

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