4 AI Powered Technologies To Transform Your Future

4 AI Powered Technologies To Transform Your Future

Imagine waking up in your bed and being served coffee by a robot instead of a human! AI or artificial intelligence has been the talking point of several technology discussions in the recent past.  It is the power of machines to be able to make decisions and behave like living organisms with a developed brain. Although the possibilities of them taking over humanity seems distant, here are some top AI-powered devices that can make it to your doorstep in the next decade.


Google Assistance – Google duplex


In the recent demonstration of Google Assistance, known as Google Duplex, the device was shown making phone calls to humans with human conversational abilities to schedule appointments. For such tasks, the system makes the conversational experience as natural as possible, allowing people to speak normally, as they would to another person, without having to adapt to a machine. Google envisions other use cases like having Assistant call businesses and inquire about their hours to help keep Maps listings up to date.


World’s first flying car


The world’s first flying car was unveiled in the Geneva International Motor show in Switzerland. Dutch aircraft manufacturer Pal-V launched a flying car that could convert from drive to flight mode in 10 minutes. The company is already taking pre-orders and the first delivery is set for 2019. The flying car is certified to fly under the rules of U.S. and European safety agencies and can be flowed with a pilot’s license. and access to a small airstrip to take off and land. The hybrid vehicle has a 200-horsepower engine that can reach driving speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour (around 100 miles per hour) in nine seconds, and a maximum flying speed of 180 kilometers per hour (approximately 112 miles per hour).


Consumer Robotics


Consumer robotics is going to be all about the new home front where personal robots become our friends, companions, and helpers. A robot named Pepper was launched on the market in Japan and was sold immediately. New models such as Buddy, a robot touted to interact and connect with family members are also due to launch soon.

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018), held in Las Vegas, saw the arrival of a new generation of robots like The Aeolus Robot, Ubtech robotics, ASIMO humanoid robot, for the home which promises to make our life easier. They can assist with housework, accompany the elderly and the children, and even protect the home while the owners are away

These robots can not only assist with the housework or accompany the elderly and the children but also can protect the home while the homeowners are away.


Home delivery drone


A delivery drone is also known as a parcel-copter is an unmanned aerial vehicle which is piloted by remote control or onboard computers utilized to transport packages, food or other goods. A patent filed by the firm Amazon reveals that its drone will lock on a recipient’s Smartphone to unlock to bring their parcel to their exact location. The machines will even be able to relay information to each other about the weathers and traffic conditions on the ground.

Amazon has also been exploring the idea of using the tops of street lights, cell towers, and church steeples as docking stations, allowing drones to recharge in stages when heading to and from distant delivery addresses.

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