4 Primary Uses of Competitive Intelligence Services

4 Primary Uses of Competitive Intelligence Services

Competitive intelligence is a type of data collection that focuses primarily on the competitors of a business. How Competitive Intelligence Helps in Devising Better Marketing Strategy record the competitive actions in the market and analyze the data to reach conclusions. They keep a track of the former activities of the competitors in the market, with the help of which they forecast the future activities. Analysis of the collected data also enables competitive intelligence services to make further business strategies and improve the financial operations of the businesses.

Strategic intelligence services emphasize on designing strategies for a business’ next action. They plan the upcoming activities of a business. They work for the future of the company. Therefore, they are known as future-oriented services. Their main job is to study the present and past market conditions and predict the future trends. Hence, foreseeing is the most important work of strategic intelligence services.

Tactical intelligence services focus on physically performing the decided plan. They carry out the strategies in the present. Therefore, they are known as present-oriented services. They provide solutions and analysis for the present conditions of the businesses. This helps the businesses to optimally utilize their resources, achieve objectives, and deal with challenges while performing the strategy.

Four Primary Uses of Competitive Intelligence Services

  1. Design Strategies

As mentioned earlier, competitive intelligence services primarily help in planning the future as well as present business strategies. They are qualitative in comparison to other market research services.

  1. Target Other Businesses

In North America, companies that invested more than $1 million in competitive intelligence services experienced a 10% total growth. Competitive intelligence services work on a broader prospect. They consider potential competitors track their activities in the market and manufacturing techniques, which helps businesses, plan their own movements.

  1. Plan for Future Financial Circumstances

Competitive intelligence services possess a forward-looking perception. The strategies planned are planned for more than 5 years. All regions including Europe, Asia, and the North America have reported a growth of at least 5 percent in their corporations after partnering with competitive intelligence services. The finance remains largely undisturbed even when there are disruptive changes in the financial cycles. This does not mean that there are no damages at all, rather they are significantly less.

  1. Product Launch

While they record market trends, they also keep a track of the demand and supply cycle. This proves to be useful when a business wishes to launch a new product in the market. The research related to the supply and demand rate allows the businesses to predict the success rate of their product in the future or the prevailing market conditions.

Competitive intelligence services enable businesses to never lose vision of their goals. They help businesses to stay updated with market trends, keep up with their competitors’ pace, and even overtake them. They serve as an alarm, warning businesses to be equipped for any disruption in the market system. Thus, presently, it stands as a million-dollar industry.


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