5 Essential Tips for Successful Appointment Setting

5 Essential Tips for Successful Appointment Setting

As a business development executive, most sales manager totally rely on appointment setting to close a deal. In any business, no sale is bound to take place without directly talking to the prospect one on one.

A major chunk of the working time is lost in setting up appointments with potential clients by talking over the phone or managing appointment setting tasks on the computer.

If you are one of those sales managers struggling to set up appointments and would like to become a professional appointment setter, you should try adopting the below mentioned techniques rather than making fruitless calls.

1. Utilize multiple mediums

Appointment setting is often confused with only cold calling. However, this is not the case in reality. Appointment setting can involve use of multiple mediums such as emails, letters and voice mails, attached notes in packages, messages through social media connections, websites and personalized notes. Prospects are usually little interested in sales messages and often neglect. Hence, it becomes all the more important for lead generation team to touch the prospects as many times as possible to respond to your messages.

2. Setting a positive tone

The adage “first impression is the best impression” aptly applies here. A positive and confident opening statement is likely to set the tone for the rest of the conversation. Rather than making random calls, it is always better to do a little research on appointment setting and then make the call. A well drafted call work sheet with all relevant details about the client should be handy before you start making the call.

Clarity regarding the purpose for which the call is made or idea about the outcome of the call will help to avoid unnecessary wastage of the client’s time. Similarly clear diction while talking is also essential to convey the message or to obtain an appointment. As a member of the sales team, you might be clear as to what you want to speak to the client but the client may be clueless about the same as you will be contacting them for the first time.

3. Service before self approach

Within a few minutes of initial talk, there are chances that your client may resist setting up an appointment with you if they feel you are making the call for your benefit. The best way to overcome this initial resistance is by exuding service and not selfishness in your approach. This is essential to break the defensive mental state or approach of your client.

Restricting the use of negative words in the appointment setting language by remaining aware about the usage of words is essential. In the same way, being clear, precise, and assertive along with making the client aware about the purpose for which the call is being made will help in developing a genuine relationship which will last for years to come.

4. Confirmation of appointment

Remembering to slow down while leaving message with a client and also repeating the important information twice always helps. Similarly acquiring all details about the client including their email and time and date of appointment is crucial.

This is only to avoid going to the client’s office and discovering that the client is away or has forgotten about the appointment totally. Setting appointments for generating new leads requires lot of hard work and perseverance. You should be ready to listen to more of No’s than Yes’s.

5. Reaching out to clients during off hours

The biggest mistake made by most business development associates is to contact the client during the business office hours. The secret on the other hand is to catch them early in the morning before the office hours or late in the evening after office hours usually when the decision maker is free and in a mood to respond to you better.

With the help of above guidelines for appointment setting, it will be a matter of time before you would have mastered the techniques and secured a meeting. However, if you still think that you need an expert’s assistance in doing this for you, then iResearch Services is always ready to assist you. Visit appointment generation services for more details.

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