5 Methods to Perform Market Research Online Surveys and Its Benefits

5 Methods to Perform Market Research Online Surveys and Its Benefits

Market research has become more demanding than ever now. Researchers are expected to approach as many people as they possibly can from around the world. Consider the U.S for example, it houses over 300 million residents. If we were to follow the traditional methods of market research, it would take several months for us to finish our surveys. We owe our gratitude to the technological advancements and online services for offering such an easy and quick medium for conducting market research.

Market research online surveys are the best part of an analyst’s job as it makes their job so much easier. Here are 5 methods that analysts use to perform Outsourcing market research why india and its benefits.

Methods to Perform Market Research Online Surveys

  1. Sample for Research

The aforementioned figures of the population of United States are enough to give research analyst nightmares before they even start approaching people to respond to their surveys. Therefore, to ease things, sampling was introduced. Since it is impractical to approach every individual person, researchers choose a handful of respondents that greatly differ from each other. The research is carried out with these ‘samples’ and the results are also based on them.

  1. Broadcast Emails

If you have an email ID, you must be familiar with online surveys. They are constantly flooding your inbox. To expand their respondent-base, researchers randomly send emails to people. Those who fit the criteria, according to the questionnaire, are allowed to complete the survey and those that don’t are asked to give it a pass.

  1. Research Blogs and Websites

We miss out on the simplest form of market research online surveys when we think about online surveys, probably because it is not considered as useful as the other methods. However, researching blogs and websites of competitors and fellow companies is the cheapest form of direct survey for primary data collection. Companies constantly update their content and it is essential for analysts to be updated with this easy-to-access, free information.

  1. Feedback popups

You are familiar with this method already but feedback popups are gold mines when it comes to online surveying. We are asked to rate and comment on every app that we use and more often than not, websites ask us to give our feedbacks to them after we are done using them. This is amongst the most practical methods of online surveys and it is widely popular these days.

  1. Search Using Keywords

Market research requires you to be updated with your competitors ‘business activities and keywords is one of the most useful tools in such cases. All you need to do is type the keywords of your products and services in your internet browser and look for companies that share the same interests.

Benefits of Market Research through Online Surveys

The basic benefit that is enjoyed is of getting a worldwide platform to approach a larger audience in the least time. 4 Primary Methods of Conducting Market Research Online Surveys ensure that respondents respond to the surveys as quickly as possible as most surveys work on a deadline. Since most surveys are paid, people respond quickly to them to earn money. Online surveys ensure anonymity and less interference so; the respondents feel safe and express their honest opinions with much more freedom.


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