5 Winning Steps to Become a Thought Leader Instead of a Follower

5 Winning Steps to Become a Thought Leader Instead of a Follower

“Thought Leadership” is a vaguely used term which we often get to hear nowadays. But in reality very few people actually understand the meaning of the same. Before understanding thought leadership, it is essential to understand who a thought leader is?

Who is a winning Thought Leader?

A winning thought leader is someone who propels fresh and newer ideas or innovations in a specific industry. A real thought leader is someone who is not only popular in the given industry but also well connected thus bringing real value to the business.

No one can become a thought leader by attending a finishing school or getting a certificate or by going for a specific program or course. It calls for great polishing off skills along with branding of strategies and developing good professional contacts and by working on them continuously.

A strategic thought leader needs to constantly strive to introduce newer ideas along with earning a good name both within and outside the industry.

5 steps to become an influential Thought Leader instead of a follower

The above explanation of a dynamic thought leader though overwhelming is not very difficult to achieve if one delves deep to understand the same by breaking it into series of small steps. It in fact, becomes fairly easier to grasp.

  1. Developing a Personal Brand

As thought leadership is all about creating and maintaining a reputation, establishing personal brands lies at the core of various marketing strategies.

A business can begin by developing and restructuring its already existing online activities such as social media, linked in, twitter or face book. It can begin by giving exhaustive description of its achievements and credentials. This would act as the base for all future strategies and channels of social networking.

  1. Reaching out to the bigwigs of the Industry

After establishing a fairly good reputation, an organization should make efforts to reach out to the bigwigs i.e. the potential game changers in the industry as they are the prime influencers and mentors of the industry.

This Success rate of reaching out to the mentors in the industry depends  on how far the organization is able to influence them though the blogs and articles on their social networking sites and if it happens to be really good, they will find a mentor organization on their own without any effort from the company’s end.

If  an organization happens to be  lucky enough to find some influencers or mentors who are willing to work with it, the game is to sit back , relax, observe and enjoy as this would acts as an eye opener, to learn about how the mentors  run their business, how they promote their blogs etc. The secret is to gain as much knowledge from them as possible including the way they think and act as the goal is to emulate them.

  1. Concentrate on Networking

After establishing a rapport with the mentors, care should be taken to ensure that it is not left halfway. In fact this relationship should be used to get acclimatized to the territory and to develop a stronger networking system as soon the rating of the blogging goes up.

Reaching out to a greater audience by hooking onto different platforms of social media always helps. Making one’s presence felt in the different events of networking by grabbing the opportunities to speak to a live audience is one way of doing it. This will add more weight age and authority to your words due to the presence of higher number of people in your network.

  1. Aim for a High Media Wave

Take care to ensure that obsolete or outdated topics do not find a place in your blogging section. Do away with data bases that are boring and rely on big data and predictive analysis. A simple Google search will reveal how many contenders you have.

  1. Become a Visionary and Make Bolder Claims

Having established a reputation, it is only few steps to realize the dream of becoming a leader. Bring about the needed innovation and changes in your business and publish the same.

Validate your point with authentic research and try to leave lasting impression by giving a powerful and short message. It won’t be long before people see you as leader.

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