6 Basic Lead Generation Strategies to Win New Customers

6 Basic Lead Generation Strategies to Win New Customers

The globe comprises of millions and billions of prospective consumers for a specific product or service. But reaching those consumers entails spending resources, money and time. But it is possible to reach a person who has shown even little interest in your product or service with the help of lead generation strategies or tactics.

What is lead generation and why we need it?

The sales process of triggering and retaining the interest of consumers towards a specific product or service so as to develop sales lead can be termed as lead generation. With the purchasing process having undergone tremendous change, it has become imperative for marketers to find newer strategies to make themselves get heard and reach potential buyers. Most marketers today believe in letting the buyers find them rather than searching for consumers through advertising so as to develop a channel of constant relationship with the consumers.

The advent of Internet has brought a tremendous market global change thus paving the way for information abundance from that of the scarcity of information thus affecting the buying process.

Understanding the modern purchasing process

In the traditional era of scarcity of information, lead generation involved finding the names of prospective consumers and passing them on to the sales. Buyers were aware that they would have to communicate with sales and the sales team were prepared to educate the primary less qualified buyers.

Now there has been a colossal shift in the modern purchasing process. The buyers are already well informed about a specific product or service as a result of search on the internet with the help of social media, search engine and other offline and online channels prior to talking to a sales person.

6 Key Lead Generation Strategies to Win New Customers

As lead generation comprises to be a lifeline of any business, avoiding the common lead generation mistakes by adopting the below mentioned key strategies would pave the way for boosting sales:

  1. Understanding your audience is a key strategy that needs to be adopted by any business. As lack of knowledge about your audience would lead to ill-informed decisions thus affecting your consumers
  2. Sending direct mail is one fool-proof way to maintain direct contact with both existing and potential consumers. Direct mail can be sent to sell products, generate leads, to follow up enquiry or even to just maintain routine contact with consumers.
  3. Undertaking impact advertising in a scientific manner that does the job of the best sales person by reaching a wider target audience and by focussing on the consumer interest instead of the business interest. Efforts should be made to provide a genuine enticing offer that will not only help to retain the interest of the consumer but also make them respond immediately.
  4. Making the use of referral systems so as to encourage consumers to suggest your product or service to their acquaintances. Referral systems help to bring in more leads, profits and increased consumer loyalty.
  5. Establishing the right contacts with other non-competitive business with an already established customer base that might be the perfect prospects for your product or service.
  6. Launching the campaign of a word of mouth marketing by using the right technique so as to drive consumers to try your product or service. This powerful weapon of marketing is superior to all other forms of advertising including direct sales.

Exhibitions, trade-shows, networking, newsletters, and brochures are other lead generation strategies that a business can resort to boost its sales apart from the above-mentioned customer acquisition strategies.

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