6 Proven Ways for Start-ups to Generate Qualified Leads Cost Effectively

6 Proven Ways for Start-ups to Generate Qualified Leads Cost Effectively

No matter how good the products and services of a company may be or competitively the company may have priced its products, the real growth, success and profitability of a business venture entirely depend upon the lead generation strategies adopted and enforced by it.

Misconceptions about Lead Generation Strategies

A financial crunch is a common problem faced by start-ups making them rely entirely on the building of products and services which they believe would bring them the estimated returns. As a result, they fail to concentrate on the aspect of lead generation thinking that the products and services developed by them would bring the desired sales and returns.

Statistics has time and again proved that this belief by companies that the development of products and services would auto generate sales is a complete mistake as recent studies proved that nearly 75% percent of start-ups fail in the initial year of operation. This clear proves the misconception most companies have pertaining to the development of products and services for generating sales. Generating leads and converting them into sales is one of the toughest jobs of a newly started company.

6 proven ways for start-ups to generate qualified leads for start-ups  

By adhering to an effective functioning of online and offline activities, a budget conscious start up can hope to generate high quality and target oriented leads.

1. Offline lead generation

The roots of offline lead generation activities can be traced to traditional marketing methods with most of them being consumer supportive aiding direct interaction with consumers thus providing greater opportunity for converting the leads into sales. But there are certain offline lead generation activities that are in greater demand even today. The offline lead generation activities such as seminars, cold calling, emails and brochures that have been in vogue for more than a decade are in demand even today.

2. Cold calling

Under cold calling offline lead generation activity, a start-up just needs to identify its potential customers and start calling them to apprise them about the products and services that the consumers may intend to purchase.

3. Mail and brochure

For start-ups with the low budget, emails and brochures happen to be the cheapest way to reach potential clients.  Direct mail happens to be the 3rd largest popular method of direct advertising and brochures that help to convey to the potential clients all information about the products and services at a low cost.

4. Seminars

One of the popular way to interact with target crowd- seminars help organizations to make their presence felt among those consumers who have an idea about the products and services of the company along with getting instant credibility for the same. But unfortunately, start-up business fail to realize the importance of seminar as they are not aware of the potential clients looking for speakers.

5. Online lead generation

With the number of internet users increasing day by day, the need for start-up businesses to make their presence felt online is becoming a necessity. Search engine optimization, social media, blogging, pay per click advertising are some of the online lead generation activities which a start-up business can undertake to make its presence felt online. A start-up company should refuse to remain as an unknown entity and aim to bridge the gap between it and the audience by making itself available to the potential consumers at all times- 24/7.

6. Contracting to a third party lead generation company

Those start-ups who have defined goals, budget and targets often take help of a third party lead generation company such as iResearch Services for appointment generation and contact discovery to gain leads. Outsourcing lead generation and contact discovery to third party lead generation company can help the start-up to focus on its core business activities and simply convert the provided leads into fruitful business.

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