7 Rules of Conducting Thought Leadership Market Research

7 Rules of Conducting Thought Leadership Market Research

Thought leadership is not only for individuals. Here the business makes use of thought leadership for shaping the perception of the company as well as the products in a perfect manner. It extends from strategic differentiation which is a proof point for the demonstration of differentiation. It requires diligent effort and consistent for establishing a firm or individual as thought leaders. Here are the top rules you should refer to while conducting thought leadership market research:

1. Sell only ideas

Selling at the time of the thought leadership discussion, presentation or post contributes to being the number mistake. Thus, not selling is recognized to be the number one rule. The potential customers for thought leadership are considered to be the most sophisticated information customers. They have the prerequisite idea that the company which delivers the insight is actually a commercial firm and the ultimate objective of the business in order to make money.

2. Giving away always

Thought leadership market research will not confer a revenue unless you work like an analyst firm. For banks to retail, healthcare to energy, companies, thought leadership can be availed at absolutely free of cost. You can create the strategies for enhancing the brand value instead of the revenue. Though the dividends are intangible, as the leadership moves to pull from the push, you will understand, that your strategies have become a hit.

3. Have an exclusive angle

An exclusive angle indicates taking a position on a thing which is meaningful as well as interpreting the same for others. This is certainly ambiguous. It should be as you do not want to place restrictions on thought leadership.

4. Concentrate on one thing at one time

It is essential for thought leaders to become focused. Companies require focusing or creating new lens or contexts via which consumers or investors perceive company, the products, brands or services.

5. Get involved

In case a business organization cares about something, it should be included in the passion. This does not indicate social issues. Project management companies require to being at project management societies. Workforce planning companies should be participating in workforce planning conferences. Electronic firms require sponsoring academic programs. Participants do not indicate sponsors exclusively. It indicates running workshops, giving presentations, running panels, hosting parties. Getting involved many indicates redefining ideas and creating a platform where like-minded firms can invest.

6. Admit what you do not know

Being humble counts to be an integral part of thought leadership market research. Thoughtful leadership does not include making early bets and hoping you are right. It is about actively pursuing possibilities as well as sharing the enthusiasm to explore with partners and customers. It is a must that thought leadership should be exciting and nothing is more exciting than a journey to the unknown.

7. Let your audience feel smart

Thought leadership counts to be the most effective when it is free and has a perceived personal value. Consider a manager who goes for attending sessions on thought leadership on social media in marketing and coming back with great ideas for the team. As an integral part of thought leadership market research, you should let your audience feel smart.


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