One of the largest IT manufacturers and retailers in the world suffered loss of business due to business consumption of  counterfeit cartridges and had run an international campaign promoting the use of branded products only. This study was conducted to ascertain how small and large businesses perceived the use of counterfeit cartridges vs branded ones before and after the campaign.

Research Advisory

To improve the accuracy of the study was conducted with two distinct market segments within a gap of 6 months. One of the market segments included same respondents across both the studies where as the other one included surveying different respondents. This was done to improve the accuracy of responses and the homogeneity of the sample segments.

Survey & Analysis



Countries in EMEA region


Telephonic interviews
Telephonic interviews
Online Surveys
Online Surveys

Key Takeaways

22% increase in awareness of branded products

35% respondents did not mind using counterfeit goods