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About iResearch Services

iResearch Services is a global B2B thought leadership and marketing agency that supercharges growth through the fusion of data-driven insight, expert guidance, and strategic activation.

Research is at the heart of everything we do, which is why our evidence-based research knowledge empowers global brands across industry sectors to connect with their audiences, build digital trust and, in return, be respected as thought leaders.

What Sets Us Apart

We help our clients generate demand, build influence, and enhance credibility. Our proprietary research methodologies and innovative technologies ensure our insights are independent, objective, and bespoke.

Our all-encompassing service, from research to thought leadership and lead generation, has made us the partner of choice for the world’s biggest brands.

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Our Services

Disruption has never been so accessible.

iResearch Services insights inspire new thinking, define perspectives, and challenge the status-quo.
Our business transformation solutions are built on 4 key pillars:

Our Clients


Yogesh Shah CEO

Rahul Johar Executive Director

Niraj Shirgaokar Executive Director

Andrew Newby Director of Operations

Shabnam Gangar VP Marketing

Gurpreet Purewal VP of Sales – Thought Leadership

Kevin Anthony Associate Director – Thought Leadership Sales

Jacqueline Miller HR and Wellbeing Manager

Kamaljit Gatore VP – HR

Tinu Thomas Commercial Director – TechInformed

Prosenjit Ganguly AVP – Sales & Client Success – Thought Leadership

Ashok Iyer Sr. VP – MR Operations

Rachael Kinsella Editor in Chief

Mohammed Khaja Hussain VP – Panel & Product

Anish Gopinathan AVP – Lead Generation

Hitanshu Dhingra AVP – Investment Research

Siddharth Srinivasan Quality Head – Information Security Officer – DPO

Uddhav Daware AVP – Finance

Akash Gaurav AVP Sales & Client Success

Yi Ling Huang Editor

Adrian Whitcombe VP Marketing – TechInformed

James Pearce Editor – TechInformed

Vik Karwal AVP Insights – Thought Leadership

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