The Internet of Things, or the “IoT,” is the interconnection of machines, appliances and devices through the Internet, enabling them to send and receive data that can be analysed to gain insight, take action, and support new operations. Conducted for one of the largest publication houses in the world in conjunction with the world’s leading IT company, this research aimed to better understand the current state of IoT adoption and related business issues.

Research Advisory

The advisory board at iResearch Services proposed grouping the IoT products and maintaining uniformity of options across all respondents to assess the impact of different technologies across all industry sectors.

Survey & Analysis

Survey Responses


C-suite & above


Telephonic interviews
Telephonic interviews
Online Surveys
Online Surveys

Key Takeaways

40% Organisations have adopted the IOTs

35% Organizations are planning to adopt IOTs in Future

44% Organizations are planning to adopt Artificial intelligence (AI)/Machine learning (ML), Drones, Augmented reality, 3D printing, Nano-technologies, Robotics in future.

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