Affordable Tools for Market Research Outsourcing: An Overview

Affordable Tools for Market Research Outsourcing: An Overview

Prior to launching a product, it is recommended to evaluate the potential demand which can be accomplished by getting feedback from the target audience. This indicates surveying large consumer opinion panels which will be reaching beyond the existing customer lists. Some creative research tools have come up which enables surveying opinions panels at ease in no time. Here are the tools that are considered to be an indispensable part of Outsourcing market research why india for collecting trustworthy market research on potential customers:


AYTM is recognized to be one of the well-renowned tools used for market research outsourcing. It allows you to design surveys and send them to the AYTM panel of almost 4.5 million people or to your own lists. You can select target criteria like geographical region, gender. It is inclusive of a plethora of open and close ended questions, videos and images. Most of the consumer panel surveys are known to get completed within a time span of 24 hours. Results will be cross-tabulated and you can share them via blog, website and other online media.


uSamp has a global panel of 6.5 million members. It contributes to being one of the best tools for market research outsourcing. it offers custom targeting, pre-defined consumer lists which you can survey with the aid of survey builder tool. Target will be inclusive of a business to a business audience, a specific country, industry panel like automotive, food and travel. It is possible to survey the list of your own. Results are conferred in real time and thus you will be capable of seeing the data which is coming in.


GutCheck contributes to being one of the most popular quantitative tools which are used for market research outsourcing. It allows you to conduct one-on-online video interviews for a time span of 30 minutes with almost 3.5 million members. It is possible to target respondents via a bunch of criteria like income, the age for ensuring that you are talking to the right targeted audience. In case you do not have the prerequisite time for the conduction of interviews, GutCheck will do the same for you. You will witness the results in less than 48 hours.


SurveyMonkey is another prominent tool for online market research survey. It has gained high prominence to enable sending online surveys to the lists of your own. It comes with a consumer panel which is inclusive of hundreds and thousands of survey respondents. You can send and create custom surveys to SurveyMonkey consumer panel with the use of targeting criteria of your choice. Results are offered within a time span of 7 days.

Panel Engage

PanelEngage is another popular tool which you can use in order to survey the lists of your own. The company has more than 1 million consumer panel members whom you can question the use of above 500 targeting criteria.  The cost of the survey will be dependent on the objectives and parameters of your study. The other option contributes to being the creation of survey online with the use of PanelEngage tool and filling out the form which outlines targeting criteria.

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