Are CATI Research Companies for You?

Are CATI Research Companies for You?

CATI is an acronym that stands for Computer-assisted Telephone Interview. It revolutionizes the traditional way of carrying out telephonic surveys. CATI services allow the respondent to answer to a customized questionnaire, which is automatically altered during the on-going interview. To obtain the current employment rate of the US, CATI stands second with 25% among the other research methods that were used. It is an advanced market research tool with high efficiency. Organizations outsource market research to CATI research companies to acquire high-quality data for benefiting their organization as well as achieving consumer satisfaction.

Uses of CATI Services for Businesses

CATI helps in conducting consumer as well as business to business surveys. It enables CATI research companies to have an in-depth interaction with the consumers to obtain detailed data. These surveys assure consumer and business satisfactions. CATI also allows fixing appointments with the respondents, if the respondent is not free to take the survey at that time. It offers the organizations the opportunity to create awareness about the goods and services as well as maintain their brand image.

How Do the CATI Research Companies Work?

The process of CATI is a fairly simple one. It is a telephonic interview done for the purpose of market research surveys. CATI research companies work on behalf of businesses to obtain data about the goods and services manufactured by the same organization. The companies directly insert the information acquired by them into the software, which allows them to avoid having another procedure for data entry. They convert the answers from the respondent into codes provided by the CATI system and save it in their databases.

The Advantages of CATI Research Companies

  • Cost-effective Mean of Data Collection

Organizations that use CATI services for market research have stated that they have experienced a decrease of 40% in their market research expenditure because CATI research companies bear the costs of research like recruitment, CATI software, employees, telephones, buying office space to accommodate the employees, and maintenance and repairing of the equipment.

  • Employee Satisfaction

Appointing an outsourced CATI research company liberates the Human Resources department and enables them to do other work such as training and enrolment. It also burdens them less. Hence, they work better in a stress-free environment.

  • An Expert Way of Conducting Surveys

CATI research companies have expert tools and staff to conduct the telephonic interviews. They are trained professionals who work with high efficiency. Since they are experienced, they know how surveys should be conducted to get correct responses from the respondent in less time. They are determined to gather the required data and therefore, deliver before the deadlines.

Are CATI Research Companies for You?

If you are a big organization and need faster data collection to determine your company’s market position, then you must consider outsourcing the market research to CATI research companies. However, if you are an organization with a small consumer base, then outsourcing may not be for you as you can conduct the surveys internally.

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