B2B Lead Generation Services: 3 Trends to Follow

B2B Lead Generation Services: 3 Trends to Follow

With global competition becoming fierce day by day, companies have started looking for better methods and newer strategies to get positive results for their B2B lead generation efforts. While there is no doubt that old methods still tend to give good results for companies, adopting newer methods would help in obtaining a clear edge over competitors.

Listed below are three new and most effective B2B lead generation trends that companies need to look into if the companies want to stay ahead of the competition:

1. Re-driving of old contents

Many might think how surfing through old contents would prove helpful in attracting leads. But the truth is that if you shuffle the old contents, it would surely help in bringing quality leads again. Moreover, the process of using old contents by rearranging them would involve lesser effort and time as compared to the generation of leads by developing newer contents.

Re driving old contents would also be of great help to the SEO team as they can generate and deliver the same message in varied ways. This helps to keep as well as create an impact thus providing an opportunity to describe the work done through varied angles.

2. Discovering about contents and videos which one felt never existed

Content discovery platforms play a great role in the context of B2B lead generation. The content discovery platforms are growing at an enormous pace in the world of digital media. These platforms make use of algorithms to enable people to find about contents which they might have liked but not aware that these existed. These content discovery platforms offer you the opportunity to showcase your advertisements on those channels where the chances of your audience watching it are high.

Videos too play a great role in the generation of B2B leads. Consumers are able to understand easily when information is given to them through videos. The content seen by consumers through videos remains in their memory for a long time and they are able to grasp it better.

3. PQL also known as Product Quality Leads

PQL is a data motivated approach adopted by SaaS companies for the purpose of generating leads. In this method of generation of leads, the connection and dealings of a free user of the product followed and analyzed with that of a paid user as conversion trigger.  PQL is an advanced concept of MQL, but used only at the level of products. Those companies having plenty of PQL’s in their kitty but still looking to generate MQL are surely not going in the right direction.

PQL (product Quality leads) are fantastic opportunities available to companies to get the same converted into consumers. This is because these customers know about the company’s products as they have used it before and hence very least effort to convert them into regular customers.

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