B2B Telemarketing Services: Why, How and Some Tips for Success

B2B Telemarketing Services: Why, How and Some Tips for Success

Business-to-Business (B2B) telemarketing is a set of services or additional marketing tool via telephone engaged by companies for generating new sales leads or to promote existing products and services or even to appraise the targeted consumers or obtain feedback from them to take the association to the stage.

Why Do Companies Engage B2b Telemarketing Services

Most companies resort to adoption of telemarketing services to conduct face-to-face interaction with their potential customers to demonstrate their services or products.

Moreover, B2B telemarketing constitutes an important element of marketing strategy for a company for the following reasons:

  • Generating sales Leads
  • Qualifying those prospective consumers who have shown interest in your product or service by visiting your website or by attending a webinar
  • Chasing an email offer or direct follow up of mail received
  • Gaining knowledge about the current marketing database
  • Acquire orders for unique promotional campaign undertaken by companies
  • Undertaking market research

The B2B telemarketing strategy when adopted by a company enables it to have a good idea about immediate consumer response, yield instant marketing leads along with a strong data bank of clientele.

How Companies Generally Conducting B2B Telemarketing Services

As telemarketing is one of the most reliable, quick and best marketing medium in the world today, companies and businesses wishing to adopt this marketing medium can do it in two ways:

  • Outsourcing: Small businesses and companies with little or no budget to spend on marketing schemes can go for outsourcing of telemarketing services to specialized firms offering such services. This will help the smaller firms to generate leads without having to spend much on telemarketing services.
  • Creating in house department for B2B telemarketing

On the contrary, big companies with big budgets and in a position to bear the additional operational costs along with employing extra staff can think of creating an in house department for telemarketing.

Outsourcing is the perfect choice for companies with limited resources of staff and space for office while creating in house department for B2B telemarketing is the best option for those big companies with large areas of space and finance to carry on the activity of telemarketing.

Essential tips for successful functioning of B2B telemarketing services

  • The success of any telemarketing service engaged by a company largely depends on how well it is coordinated, supported and merged at the top levels with the company’s strategic marketing plans.
  • Perfect coordination between the sales and marketing teams is essential for the telemarketing call centre to perform efficiently irrespective of whether the telemarketing service is internally managed or outsourced.
  • Engaging telemarketing representatives who have fluency in communication and have thorough knowledge about the industry, the company, its products and latest offerings is very essential to solve consumer problems and to dig new opportunities.
  • Periodical review of the cost incurred to generate the leads, the sales generated during the same period and the value of the sales generated helps in effective functioning of telemarketing service and to get a good idea about the Return on Investment.

Telemarketing happens to be a serious business in today’s global competitive environment without which a business might fail to succeed, as it is a source through which organizations are able to get uninterrupted quality sales lead along with helping to maintain steady profitability.

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