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How can AI improve customer experience?

Artificial intelligence has crept into our daily lives through the technology we use, from searching Google Maps and taking an Uber to organize an o..


Banks must Innovate and Adapt Branch Services to Fit Changing Customer Needs

The way we handle money has changed radically since the introduction of online and telephone banking. Most transactions can be done quickly and conven..


Open Banking could Revolutionise How we use money – if we let it

Recent changes in how banks share data will open up banking to new startups and services

What is open banking?

Amid concerns the retail banking ..


Chatbots could redefine how banks interact with customers, say AI execs

An increasing number of banks now use AI-powered chatbots to "talk" by text with their customers, with two-way communication sophisticated enough to r..


How Financial Modeling Can Help In Credit Analysis?

The lifeblood of the financial sector, an entity borrowing from a lender for the express purpose of creating more worth. Whether it be through a bank ..


How AI is Transforming Traditional Banking

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway and is reshaping the world as we know it. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are busy di..