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Digital Twins- The indispensable alter-ego

As technology rapidly increases the pace, so too does our ability to mirror real-world physical products, services or persons to ensure precision and ..


Intelligent Things- Towards an intelligent world

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve at an accelerated rate that has far surpassed simple connectivity. The world is now full of intellige..


Corporate Banking: Customer Experiences, Middle Market, and Technologies

Corporate banking, or business banking, caters to the banking and financial needs of corporate customers, from small businesses to large conglomerates..


Cloud-Enabled Business Models in Banking by 2020

The financial industry has been implementing technology to support customer needs and meet compliance and regulatory obligations for decades. The rec..


BITCOIN- Technology, Economy and Governance issues

The Challenge of Bitcoin

Bitcoin was supposed to be the white whale of modern monetization. It was set up specifically, like any open-source projec..


How can AI improve customer experience?

Artificial intelligence has crept into our daily lives through the technology we use, from searching Google Maps and taking an Uber to organize an o..