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The B2B Master Hack: Market to People, Sell to Businesses

Let’s put an end to fancy buzzwords and convoluted processes. The truth is that B2B -might be different from B2C in who receives the final product or service, but they are the same in a very important way: both are marketing to people.

Losing the focus on people in the B2B marketing world has drained all the fun away. It is almost like marketers are cooking up more difficult ways to get their jobs done, just because they are brands marketing to other brands.

All that is going out the window. Times are changing, and we should change our ways of marketing with them.

Focusing on the people perspective, there are two unique approaches to striking the right balance.

Internal People Perspective

Your brand differs from the competition in the kind of products and services it offers – and how it offers them. That is what you have been trying to get across to your prospective clients. More often than not, this approach won’t work at all, or won’t work as well as it should. Why?

Those pieces of technology you offer, or the unique insight you have, did not just happen. They are great, no doubt, but how did they come about? Your people.

Put the spotlight on the people that make things happen within your firm.

Your clients (who are people too , don’t forget) are not just looking to buy from a firm. They are looking to buy from other people. You make that connection when you show them the brains behind your solutions and offerings. That is when they know who they are buying from, what you stand for as a company and are (if you are targeting the right customers) more interested in the purchase.

This leads us to the kind of clients you want.

External People Perspective

We all know the old adage: people buy from people.

You are the second ‘people’ here, but who is the first?

The people you want to buy products/services from you are not necessarily those that will splash the cash or approve the purchase. Most of the buying process could have been exhausted before the right messages reach them.

Identify the people that will buy into the idea that you are selling to form your marketing strategy. Those are the people who will become an ambassador for you, leading the charge for your brand and campaigns.

They speak your name in circles you don’t have access to and ensure everyone else knows why you are the best solution provider. In short, they get the person in charge of approving deals to take notice of you.

We don’t need to tell you about the details of the B2B buying process. Each is different, depending on the product, service, or target consumer. You will be aware that there are multiple departments to convince before a single transaction is made, even if the other departments are not directly concerned about the purchase in question.

No matter how good your campaign is, there is always the chance of missing out on reaching one of these key players. Marketing to the right people eliminates that problem, as they can approach the right personnel on your behalf.

Be a better B2B marketer

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