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Using Unique Perspective to Build Outstanding B2B Marketing

In this world of limited originals, people are afraid to have an opinion. At the same time, clients are looking to see something unique and truly insightful from you.

In a survey of over 500 CMOs, one in three voted for the strength of opinion-based content. They understand that your audience does not want to see you talk about the same thing that they have heard a million times over. They want a breath of fresh content from you – and will reward you with their loyalty and business if it hits the mark.

That does not mean putting any old opinion out there, though.

The Power of Thought Leadership

We love talking about thought leadership – with good reason.

Around half of C-suite executives told us in 2020 that they would be open to sharing contact details with a business that had just demonstrated strong thought leadership. A hefty percentage of these C-suite professionals even said that they would invite a brand not previously considered for a project just because they were purveyors of amazing thought leadership.

But it can also go the other way…

Another study showed that decision-makers would not hesitate to cut off a brand that put out poor thought leadership content. Even if that brand created stellar pieces in the past, one misstep could be all it takes to lose significant loyalty.

This is where insights come in.

Opinions without insights are just hearsay and potentially damaging concepts. Backed with the right perspectives, data, insights, and research, it becomes an explosive driver of content that has the potential to resonate throughout the industry and the businesses you seek to engage.

Opinion-led content creates a need for other brands to connect with you and to be associated with the work that you do. Suddenly, everyone wants to be known with the brand that blazes the trail in their industry or area of expertise. Everyone wants to be your friend – and you can ride that influence to oblivion.

To boldly go…

Brands can only see as far as they want to see. Widen your scope to cover the deeper parts of your industry or niche, even to those areas where others are too scared to venture.

Instead of following the crowd, go (boldly) into the depths that they would not dare explore.

Have the right tools to do the right digging. Don’t be afraid to give yourself over to the program until you strike gold.

Will you always strike gold? Well, the short answer is “No”. Will it be worth it even if you don’t hit gold? Yes, because you will find nuggets of insight and understanding that you can use to better understand your industry and client base and help you form relevant opinions.

Sharing your depth of research and understanding with your clients shows how much of a risk-taker you are. It brands you as the business not afraid to break new ground and pioneer new concepts. That kind of honesty and openness is one of the many (overlooked) pillars of an effective thought leadership strategy.

The more you dig, the more you unearth other areas where you could venture in. Your marketing strategies become a plentiful well of unique ideas that clients will not tire of tapping.

All these marketing, content and communications benefits just because you chose to have a unique perspective. It’s worth a shot, don’t you think?

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