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Your Opportunity to Embrace the Future of Strategic Thought Leadership

You may run into a common obstacle when trying to establish new strategic thought leadership initiatives, which is cynicism. However, once you attend the Thought Leadership For Tomorrow event on Thursday 12 October, you’ll be armed with the capabilities to battle doubt within your organization. 

This is your chance to embrace the future of thought leadership and learn exciting techniques and experiences from renowned change-makers across multiple industries. 

How strategic thought leadership leads to revenue 

When it comes to senior leadership, the highest priority tends to be the bottom line. Quite often, thought leadership doesn’t immediately come across as a money-making initiative. Yet the tide is turning, with a majority of thought leadership consumers (52%) believing that it increases revenue. (Source: Leading Lights Focus On FS).

Long-term business growth is a common goal, so at Europe’s first-ever Thought Leadership for Tomorrow  event, we’ll be delving into ways of setting out sustainable strategies to hit current performance targets and set new ambitions.  

Our session on long-term business growth will provide key pointers on how thought leadership aids your organization’s continued success. Among them will be: 

  • What to prioritize for introducing a new strategy 
  • Adapting to business uncertainties 
  • Vital metrics and KPIs to track your strategy’s success. 

Making a real-world impact through thought leadership 

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Alan Kay, design lead on the first modern windowed computer desktop interface. 

By its very nature, thought leadership can be a propellant for innovation. It delivers insights and confronts convention. It can also be the fuel for new business directions determined by your organization’s workforce.  

The focus at Thought Leadership For Tomorrow will include how thought leadership can make your company stand out in its marketplace, covering many aspects including: 

  • How to identify talent and skills needed to produce innovation-focused thought leadership 
  • Using research to take risks in typically risk-averse industries 
  • Producing societal value while achieving business goals 
  • Involving employees at all levels to activate purpose. 

Strengthening and expanding thought leadership relationships 

“Technology does not run an enterprise, relationships do.” – Patricia Fripp, Hall of Fame keynote speaker. 

Bringing in more voices can enrich your thought leadership content and strategies. We believe meaningful relationships can be forged by partnering up with governmental and educational organizations as well as commercial businesses that complement your corporate ambitions. 

Shared value is the key advantage for all partners involved in a thought leadership strategy, so we have a panel on the topic of partnerships across private and public sectors. 

Partnering is a trepidatious step for many, especially at the board level, but we’re keen to demonstrate how to preserve integrity and extract new and exciting opportunities. Among many areas we’ll be touching on in this session will be: 

  • Best practices for establishing thought partnership collaboration 
  • Gaining unique value from non-traditional partnerships 
  • Exploring new territory through collaboration. 

How thought leadership can enhance your reputation 

Publishing unique insights and driving forward innovation are two practices that can greatly lift your organization’s reputation to higher levels. Thought leadership helps establish brands as a beacons of credibility and trust. 

That’s not to say there aren’t pitfalls. Thought leadership needs an informed direction to please your target audience. Pouring out irrelevant findings can damage your ambitions to be influential, so it’s essential you know your readership in order to address their specific challenges. 

The specter of disruptive technology also looms large. Misinformation sadly continues to be rife on social media and through malicious actors. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to fuel this with – if you excuse the oxymoron – ‘false credibility’. 

Our event will explore how strategy thought leadership has a role to play in the defense and building of reputation. A key session will cover establishing trust with audiences, while another will investigate the use of AI. Panelists will be discussing various angles on reputation and AI, including: 

  • Conveying ethics through thought leadership 
  • Methods to produce content for a desired reputation 
  • Ways to combat misinformation 
  • Potential ways for AI to widen diversity of perspectives and sources 
  • Vital transparency practices when dealing with AI to produce content. 

It all comes back to revenue 

The economic outlook still isn’t calm. Against the backdrop of the cost of living crisis and uncertainty over inflation, it’s understandable that some companies would rather focus on core business duties rather than allocate budget to thought leadership. 

What’s the ‘secret sauce’ to convince decision-makers to invest more in thought leadership? Our event isn’t purely focused on ‘preaching to the choir’; we know that short-term revenue pressures can have adverse impact on strategic long-term thought leadership plans. 

This is why our panels of experts will be delivering advice on how to demonstrate that thought leadership initiatives will produce strong ROI. We’ll conclude with a session loaded with various takeaways to persuade C-Suite stakeholders of the value of your work. These will include pointers on: 

  • Proving thought leadership as an exemplary contribution to business growth 
  • Quantifying indirect revenue income outside of sales attribution 
  • The crucial roles we can play during economic downturns. 

We’re highly confident that Thought Leadership for Tomorrow will put you at the forefront of expertise on business insights. Spaces are limited, so we recommend you sign up now

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