This study was conducted to understand the awareness and brand upliftment & recall of the Smart Speakers with Voice Assistant among the exposed group and control group, also to know how many consumers use Voice Activated Personal Assistants on a daily basis?

Research Advisory

iResearch Services conducted this study with the two groups one which is exposed to ads and the other which is not exposed to ads i.e is the control group. Before conducting this study some secondary research was done by sending an ad campaign to understand the brand upliftment.

Survey & Analysis

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Online Survey
Online Survey

Key Takeaways

Awareness amongst the Exposed Group was 16% higher as compared to Control Group.

60% of the Exposed Group respondents own an Amazon Echo VA.

50% of the respondents who do not own a Voice Assistant, prefer to purchase Amazon Echo Smart Speaker in the near future.

The ratio amongst the Exposed group is even higher, i.e. close to 60%.

23% Brand Upliftment & Recall amongst the Exposed & Control Group Respondents.

74% of the exposed group respondents attributed the creative to Amazon Echo as compared to the control group (51%).

86% of respondents use Voice Activated Personal Assistants on a daily basis; amongst which Amazon Echo is used the maximum (68%).

Latest Sports News, Listening to Music & Checking Live Cricket scores are key services consumed on Voice Activated Personal Assistants.