Case Study

While we can’t be sure what the next few years hold, what shines forth from this report is that healthcare leaders are committed to building healthcare systems that are sustainable, adaptable and – above all – resilient.

Jan Kimpen
Chief Medical Officer at Philips

The Challenge

Since 2016, Philips has conducted original research to help determine the readiness of countries to address global health challenges and build efficient and effective health systems.

Philips wanted to understand how healthcare leaders were meeting demands during the pandemic, and what the new reality of healthcare might look like post-pandemic, including the challenges faced, investment in digital health technology, and a new emphasis on partnerships, sustainability and new models of care delivery, both inside and outside of the hospital.

It wanted to create a compelling thought leadership piece, “The Future Health Index 2021” that would resonate with its intended audience while still aligning to business goals and values. The metrics of success for this piece were aligned to leads and media exposure.

The Solution

That’s where we, as iResearch Services, a global business and consumer research services organization, came in. We conducted a survey of healthcare leaders in 14 countries (Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa and the United States), incorporating language localisation.

We recommended a mixed methodology, with 200 online and telephone interviews being conducted per country across the selected regions.

The Solution Cont.

The total sample from the survey included:

2,800 healthcare leaders (defined as a C-suite or senior executives working in hospitals, medical practices, imaging centers/office-based labs or urgent care facilities, who were final decision makers or had influence in making decisions).

To provide a holistic understanding of the current healthcare systems around the world, the 2021 study combined a quantitative survey and qualitative interviews.

The Results

Strong optimism among healthcare leaders

A roadmap for benefiting from smart technologies that consider the tools that are currently available to healthcare businesses

Growing interest in sustainability and environmental sourcing

Increased anticipation of care delivery outside the hospital, driven by patient demand

An emphasis on strategic partnerships to foster innovation and deliver much-needed technology infrastructure, with preferences for types of partnerships varying from market to market

The Results Cont.

Key solutions from the report:

Learning from the past, optimistic about the future

Taking a three-step approach to digital transformation

Building sustainable systems to deliver future-proof care

This program went live and is currently on track to generate more leads than any previous campaign.

The program has been picked up in local and global media including Globenewswire, futureproofinghealthcarepharmabiz, etc.

Read the full report: Future Health Index 2021

The Relationship

It was always a challenge working with approximately 3000 C-suite respondents in the healthcare industry. To overcome it, iResearch Services created a specialized panel for FHI, which providing a turnkey solution for subsequent versions of this survey.

iResearch conducted the initial survey for Philips on behalf of their PR partner Omnicom Group.

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