2020 European Corporate
Tax Managers Survey Report

The Client

The Thomson Reuters Institute is a global provider of industry-leading insights. The organization brings together people from across legal, corporate, tax & accounting, and government to ignite conversations, interpret industry events and trends, and provide guidance on the challenges and opportunities they face today.

The Challenge

Corporate tax managers, suddenly thrust into a remote working environment in 2020, faced a raft of challenges related to corporate tax, staffing, technology implementation, and supply chain issues. Thomson Reuters wanted to be the leading voice in the space, helping the C-suite as well as corporate tax professionals to navigate major issues including global trade wars, Brexit, and disruption to business due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Solution

  • We conducted a detailed workshop with  Thomson Reuters subject matters experts (SMEs) to fully comprehend the target research area. We conducted a thorough whitespace analysis to create a thought leadership program.
  • The program provided a review of current market challenges, and delved into operational resilience, and examined whether future tax teams would be well-equipped to meet their objectives.
  • After defining the research scope, we tapped into insights from 350 corporate tax managers across 9 countries and 10 core sectors to understand how they were adapting to industry changes. 10 qualitative interviews followed this to provide extra context to the thought leadership programme.
  • We built a flagship report out of this research, and followed through by generating content for the report’s initial activation, including data-driven articles published in the run-up to the launch, as well as directly following it.

The Results

This program has clocked more leads than any previous thought leadership program for Thomson Reuters:




The performance of reports in the region

The piece has been picked up in local and global media including Forbes, and continues to go from strength to strength.

The Relationship

Our work with Thomson Reuters Institute has been recognized and appreciated across the SMEs in Thomson Reuters EU, US, and the EMEA, and led to further a collaboration between us and Thomson Reuters Australia, for an end-to-end thought leadership project on global trade in Asia.

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