CATI Services: Advantages and Pre-requisites

CATI Services: Advantages and Pre-requisites

With rapid innovation and technological development taking place in the web world, even the market research industry is seeing a lot of changes in its research methodologies and the survey techniques that are carried out in CATI services.

The CATI research methodology is one such research tool of the market research industry that was designed primarily to bring about change for the better in the form of improvement and simplification of the process of telephonic interview. In the CATI method of market research, the interviewer asks the respondents questions via the telephone and is guided by a questionnaire that is displayed on the computer monitor.

The CATI services utilized by any organization have numerous advantages to offer:

Advantages of CATI services

  • Assimilation of high-quality data:

By making use of CATI services, an organization can be confident of collecting data that is high in quality. The problem encountered on account of misrepresentation or inappropriate questioning is totally ruled using the CATI method of research.

  • Lesser time:

As the call-back time is auto-managed by the system. The interviewer can conduct the interview freely without looking at the time. Also, the advantage of the data getting inserted and diverted automatically enables the interviewer to be totally tension free during the process of the conduct of the interview.

  • Data collection is more accurate:

As the whole interview process is automated in the CATI research method, the chances of committing mistakes or unclear compilation of data is almost negligible. The accuracy of data compilation becomes feasible due to automation of the whole interview process and the constant display of the questionnaire on the computer screen.

  • Thorough control on the different stages when conducting an interview:

 The interview process being totally automated enables the person conducting the interview to have a real-time check on the number of interviews conducted including the number of interviews that have been dropped or not conducted.

Pre-requisites of the CATI Services:

CATI method of market research comes with its own set of pre-requisites such as –

  • High investment as this research methodology is usually linked to call centre, phone traffic including the cost of an interviewer.
  • Drafting of questionnaire along with making it run error free on a system.
  • The interviewer conducting the interview needs to have a good typing speed to be able to record the open-ended comments.
  • Midway during the conduct of interview using the CATI survey, if the respondent ends up making an alteration in the comment already presented by him or her, then it poses difficulty for the person conducting the interview to make changes in the same. In the case of paper questionnaires, the changes can be easily made.

The CATI services are useful for those kinds of interviews that are carried out in large numbers and more so for such surveys that are conducted repeatedly such as those surveys where the answers are pre-entered or recorded requiring only listing of the same.

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