CATI Services for Market Research Data Collection

CATI Services for Market Research Data Collection

CATI is an abbreviation for Computer-assisted Telephone Interviewing. It is a market research method, which involves the use of a telephone for conducting surveys. The surveys are conducted one-on-one. For conducting a CATI-based survey, there should be one interviewer and one respondent. The respondent is required to answer all the questions asked by the interviewer correctly. CATI services are widely used for business to business market research.

What are CATI Services?

The market research commerce has seen rapid transformations in the past decade. The techniques of conducting the market research have also changed. CATI services were introduced in the market research industry for refining and making the process of data collection via telephonic interview easier. The questions asked are taken from a structured questionnaire scripted in a software application. The software allows the interviewer to customize the questionnaire as per the interviewee’s responses. The data collected through the survey can even be converted into statistics.

5 Benefits of Using CATI Services for Businesses

CATI services have provided a new beginning to the way surveys were traditionally carried out. Although they are categorized under telephonic market research surveys, they have upgraded the traditional personal interviews to automated personal interviews. They are user-friendly and are great for organizations looking for a newer tool to conduct their market research.

Below are the five benefits of using CATI services for business market research.

  1. Market research requires very less time when making use of CATI services. The data collected gets inserted automatically, which saves time.
  2. The interviewer can have an uninterrupted session with the respondent due to the automation facility and enjoy a stress-free working experience.
  3. Data collected can be stored in statistical forms for a smarter and a more convenient way to study the organization’s performance throughout the course of time.
  4. CATI services enable you to acquire analysis as soon as the survey is completed, showing that it is one of the fastest interviewing and analyzing tools in the market research industry.
  5. It offers high accuracy as data entered is error-free and automated.

Limitations to CATI Services

Like every other web and market research tool, CATI services also possess some imperfections. There are a few reasons why CATI services do not hold up to be the flawless tool that it should be.
• It is relatively expensive. It requires the incorporation of call centers as well as telecallers to work as interviewers.
• There can be a problem with open-ended comments or responses. CATI services are capable enough to house open-ended answers, but the interviewer is required to be quick and have accuracy in typing.
• Although the interview process is quick and effortless, what demands patience and efficiency is setting up the questionnaires.

The Ultimate Conclusion of Using CATI

CATI is appropriate for conducting structured interviews that are pre-planned. They work great for organizations with a high customer base and spending potential. Hence, there’s simply no doubt about CATI being one of the most efficient ways of data collection.


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