CATI Services – Outsourcing to iResearch Services

CATI Services – Outsourcing to iResearch Services

CATI an acronym for Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviewing is an interactive front end system using the computers. This method enables interviewers to ask questions over the telephone using the interactive front end system, helping them to derive desired data without any tedious processes of managing and planning it. Those companies seeking to provide quality services at low cost prefer use of CATI services in their market research operations.

Advantages of Outsourcing CATI Services to iResearch Services

  • iResearch Services is one of the leading CATI market research companies in USA, India and UK.
  • iResearch Services is connected to more than 90 countries with a half a million plus surveys in records. Ranked as one of the top 3 market research companies in India by Silicon India Magazine 2014, Stevie’s 2015 award winner, most promising company of the year 2015 by World Marketing Congress and Red Herring Top 100 Asia winner.
  • The biggest advantage for companies outsourcing CATI services to iResearch Services is that they can get the relevant data without having to undergo a long ordeal of planning and managing it themselves. We manage everything right from design functions, designing a questionnaire to call scheduling and reporting.
  • Our CATI survey provides most practical, realistic and rational questionnaire design. We pay special attention to reasoning and response values. We design the framework best suitable to your needs and make optimum use of auto-dialing to prevent human errors.
  • The interactive software of CATI deployed by iResearch Services acts as a guideline for interviewers to pose effective, relevant and important questions thus improving the range of market research data.
  • iRS specializes in carrying out telephonic interviews globally using the CATI research methodology for providing consumer surveys, in-depth interviews, opinion polls, market survey assessment and appointment settings.
  • If your business is threatened due to insufficient customer support, we can reduce and even bridge the gap existing between you and customer. It won’t be long before you will start experiencing increased customer traffic, doubled sales along with satisfied customers.
  • Our team of interviewers are fully trained and experienced who consistently ensure collection of authentic, definitive and quality data. We have successful track record of providing CATI survey services to a host of industries that include healthcare, information technology, telecom, finance and entertainment to name a few.
  • Last but not the least, not only you are assured of quality CATI research services but you also get the benefit of our competitive cost and rich industry experience.

How our CATI Services can help you in winning and retaining customers?

At iResearch Services, we firmly believe in engaging the best team of professionals for the CATI research projects who work with you by leveraging their knowledge and professional background. With the help of our effective system and an orderly mechanism, we are able to understand your needs better for working out a script and also meeting other market needs with very little effort from your end.

The questionnaire drafted by us is comprehensive in all aspects covering each and every need of your questionnaire design with minute detailing to logic and values of response. The design function is customized to meet each and every need of yours and to restrict manual errors through auto dialing.

The monitoring of the interview process is carried out with intensive efforts by adhering to national and international telephonic research standards. Each and every employee of ours including interviewers, project leaders, supervisors and members of quality assurance team are thoroughly trained and aware about the latest industry standards.

Let us help you win and retain your customers. Get in touch with us today.

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