This study aims to understand the CEO’s insight around the world’s largest organizations to discuss how they are confronting long-held market orthodoxies and assumptions that govern decision-making.

Research Advisory

iResearch Services conducted this study for one of the largest publication firms in the world. The research advisory team customized the questioner and classified it according to the revenue of the companies and approach the CEOs for the relevant and more accurate insights.

Survey & Analysis

CEO's Responses




Telephonic Interview
Telephonic Interview

Key Takeaways

69% of CEOs say that a strong cyber strategy is critical to building trust with key stakeholders.

44% of CEOs plan to upskill more than half of their entire workforce, but less than a third (32%) prioritize workforce investments over technology investments.

16% of organizations have already implemented AI in the automation of some of their processes.

67% of CEOs say that acting with agility is the new currency of business and being too slow risks bankruptcy.

84% are actively transforming their leadership team to build resilience

67% say that they need to act with agility has increased as the average tenure of a CEO is decreasing