This study was conducted on global trade dynamics, technological advances, and wider trends across the commodities industry. Also, to understand the biggest threat, challenges, and barriers in the industries.

Research Advisory

iResearch Services did some secondary research before conducting this study, where we targeted different sectors according to revenue size. We then designed the questionnaire and translated it into French, German, and Chinese. The key breakdowns for data analysis were according to sector/company size/region as well as identified a high-growth cohort.

Survey & Analysis

Survey Responses

Percent C-suite

Million USD Revenue and above


Telephonic Interview
Telephonic Interview
Online Survey
Online Survey

Key Takeaways

25% of the executives believe that transparency regulation (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act etc.) is the biggest threat to the company in the next five years in a trading environment.

15% of the executives believe that geopolitical risk is the primary risk that they associate with their region.

67% of the executives believe that the main barriers for the company to utilize data more effectively is, its too costly and the ROI doesn’t justify the investment.

20% of executives believe that technology developments like cybersecurity will disrupt the industry over the next 5 years.

22% of executives believe that technology like the Internet of things, robotics and AI, etc has improved the supply chain processes.

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