Consumer Behavior Studies: Why Mobile Research is so Important?

Consumer Behavior Studies: Why Mobile Research is so Important?

Showroom retailers are facing huge challenges due to the arrival and penetration of smartphones in the society today. Not only the sales have hampered but also the footfalls are reducing day by day to the showrooms and retail shops. Consumers these days are switching to smartphones for gathering necessary information about a particular product of their choice. Moreover, many of the times, it is seen that consumers merely walk-in to a showroom, see the product, look for it online and compare pricing and then buy it online. So it has become difficult for retails to drive showroom sales and convert them into buyers.

A study conducted by University of Michigan Ross School of Business analyzed the data from over 80 million searches done on a famous product search app popular in Germany. They found that those consumers not only search for more product information only when in the shop or showroom, but they are doing it throughout the day. They found that searches were also made on Sundays when the shops are closed. This provides a clear understanding that the consumers today are more inclined to mobile searches for collecting information a product before the actual purchase, such as the rates, reviews and retailer feedbacks.

It would not be vague to say the consumers these days are relying more on smartphones and mobile devices to communicate, research, and collect information. It has become all the more important for retailers to connect with the consumers on the mobile phones and be found when the consumers are looking for specific information and products by way of paid ads and organic search engine optimization techniques.  As per a survey, around 90% consumers in the U.S. and the U.K. use Smartphones which in shopping malls and retail outlets for comparing prices, getting more product information and looking for reviews.

A study was carried out to help retailers know the impact of Smartphone in consumers buying journey and how they specifically shop. Over 12,000 Smartphone users were selected to participate in this survey program. The survey concluded that Smartphone’s play a vital role in decision making in the buying journey of a consumer. As a matter of fact, it has become almost mandatory for retailers to invest in mobile ads and promote their own mobile-optimized websites. Having a proprietary app can help bring in more sales.

Hence, understanding mobile shopping consumer behaviors has become a critical component of consumer behavior studies. A large amount of data and consumer information is available and can be collected and analyzed for understanding consumer behavior patterns. Big brands have already started making use of this research data and channelizing their marketing efforts to leverage the best mediums for maximum sales and stay alive in the competition.

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