Cost of CATI Software: An Overview

Cost of CATI Software: An Overview

Though a number of changes have been introduced in online surveys, computer assisted telephonic interviewing or CATI believed to have an integral role in market research. Hence, it is a must for businesses to opt for Thought leadership shaping the world. The actual cost of CATI services cannot be overlooked. If you are thinking which products you should use, there are four primary things which should be taken into account for the determination of cost per interview. For a number of CATI teams, the right tool is known to be QPSMR. But is QPSMR the right tool?

Let’s take a look!

When QPSMR do not act as the right tool

QPSMR happens to be a product which confers end to end solution for CATI services and paper surveys by the creation of questionnaire, data tables. The CATI module refers to add-on module to the primary QPSMR platform and offering the prerequisite supervisory functions which are required for the management of surveys, interviewers, quotas, to name a few. QPSMR is not recognized to be a web based appliance. Hence, if you are gathering data online and conducting CATI interviews, QPSMR is certainly not the right tool. QPSMR is driven with the aid of easy to use user interface without minimal and scripting syntax. This aids in reducing the rates as less skilled staffs will be preparing and administrating surveys. However, in case you have experienced staff whom you can deploy for handling different aspects of CATI services, QPSMR may not be the perfect tool.

There are four main costs which are associated with QPSMR which are mentioned below:

1. License fees

QPSMR can be availed at a huge cut off from the pocket. The rates are dependent on the number of stations which are used for the purpose of interviewing. There is no limit to people who supervise interviewers, prepare questionnaires, and manage projects with the least configuration of 3 interviewing stations.

2. Hardware costs

The design of the QPSMR can be a crucial cost saving aspect. QPSMR will be linking to the server at the starting and at the end of every survey. It collects different details of respondent prior to the interview and will be returning back to the server when the interview will be completed or in case the call outcome is resolved.

3. Cost and time of staff

CATI has gained high prominence for an intuitive and straightforward interface. As users complete a singular survey, they require the least help with other projects. This indicates that your training rates will be low. However, you can make use of less skilled staff for the preparation of questionnaires. Another consideration is that since the interface can be used at ease, it is possible to detect the errors at ease.

Other things which are included under QPSMR are:

  • Paper questionnaire and data entry tools
  • Customization of survey management reports
  • The tables module indicate that it is possible to go straight to tables from data collection in no time.
  • It is possible to export data to common formats for use with the different software.

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