Different Internet Resources of Competitive Intelligence

Different Internet Resources of Competitive Intelligence

Companies which take decisions regarding their next steps are surely going to benefit from the competitive intelligence services. These services can be availed from a wide array of sources. Creativity in finding the specific sources is crucial. The internet has a plethora of tools which can be used for competitive intelligence. This aids in making the job faster. Here are few internet sources for the purpose of competitive intelligence:

Personal or corporate accounts on Twitter

Twitter is recognized to be an integral source of competitive intelligence services. Twitter accounts that belong to the competitors directly or to anyone else who will be tweeting about the competitors, will be offering a plethora of data. Competitive intelligence, which is available with the aid of Twitter happens to be transient. It needs to be monitored in a careful manner.

LinkedIn membership

LinkedIn happens to be one of the well renowned social media tools in these days. Businesses have been benefitted a lot with LinkedIn. Business leaves a wide number of breadcrumbs on LinkedIn regarding the structure of the organization. The services confer a high level of details such as who are the employees of the competitors and how the employees are interacting structurally.

Yahoo’s Flickr

Flickr of Yahoo happens to be another resource of Internet which plays an indispensable role in offering good competitive intelligence services. It, however, requires intensified labor for finding and retrieving the same. A number of employees of different businesses make use of Flickr with an eye to uploading different internal images of the company which may appear personal.


A competitive intelligence service provider required to devote a significant amount of time to Youtube. Youtube can be used as an effective tool for competitive intelligence in comparison to traditional resources as video content will be required for watching or listening to in a manual way. This, however, should not stop analysts to investigate the information of Youtube. Youtube videos are recognized to be a potentially beneficial source of insights into the thinking of competitor. The videos of Youtube are beneficial for revealing information regarding the latest marketing activities. Youtube contains a plethora of content and you can find any type of information you want here. If you are looking for some sources of competitive intelligence, you can find the same on Youtube.

Online mapping tools

Long gone are the days when visiting the websites of the competitors used to be a prerequisite. Web maps such as Bing and Google are known for conferring the information online. Online mapping services are used for procuring better imagery and several geographical data regarding the key facilities of the competitor. It is possible to bring an improvement in the Slides present in competitive intelligence debrief with the aid of map photos and images.

Competitive intelligence has become an indispensable part of the business in these days. You are going to procure a lot of information regarding different aspects of the business by procuring the services of competitive intelligence.

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