The consumer is increasingly consuming the content on digital platforms. This trend is observed for all type of content including news (text), music (audio), or video. Our survey explored the trend change in how content is consumed, the mode of content consumption and the key drivers associated with this trend.

Research Advisory

Our team of analysts while discovering trends uncovered, increasing internet penetration, mobile device proliferation and convenience of consuming the content anytime, anywhere are the key drivers for increasing content consumption on digital platforms. Based on the findings the research team designed a quantitative survey covering topics like services they are currently subscribed to, genres, viewing history and sub-user profiles.

Survey & Analysis

Survey Responses

Types of city-tier. 1-3 tier cities


Online Surveys
Online Surveys

Key Takeaways

The rapid uptake of connected devices, especially smartphones and tablets are instrumental in media consumption shifting beyond traditional media formats such as broadcast and cable TV towards digital mediums.

Availability of affordable mobile devices and cheap data plans offered by telcos have enticed the average household users towards this paradigm shift.

63% of users agree that domestic and international OTT players are providing consumers with multiple choices around content consumption and increase in content for individuals.

Regional content, ease of consumption with any time, anywhere access with no storage requirements, snackable short-form content, live TV driven by sports are leading consumer preferences