This study is all about how the emerging affluent are creating their own prosperity by achieving more in their education, careers, and businesses than their parents did. Digital technology is broadening their access to money management and helping to support their financial wellbeing. But there is still room for the emerging affluent to aspire to and reach, even more, ambitious goals.

Research Advisory

This study was conducted by iResearch Services for one of the world's leading research company. Before conducting this study some secondary research was done to understand how often they used social media platforms, smartphone apps, and basic digital financial activities such as bank account monitoring and online payments.

Survey & Analysis

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Online Survey
Online Survey

Key Takeaways

59% of the emerging affluent experiencing social mobility.

75% of the socially mobile who hold management positions or own a business compared to their parents.

85% of the socially mobile who have achieved a university or college degree compared to their parents.

56% of the emerging affluent who would invest in financial products online, but only if they had an on-demand adviser available to assist.

53% of the emerging affluent who would accept a high level of risk for a high level of return when investing in online financial products.