One of the world’s largest CRM providers wanted to connect with their existing customer base to build relations and drive referral business as well as to understand the disruptive, frictionless and valuable product experiences. They had organized the event in the USA which cost $2195 USD and wanted to invite the top customers in the area to engage and build relations.

Research Advisory

The advisory team segmented the data of its customers and agency enterprise clients of the company.

Health check of the data (checking for RPC)

The team then prepared separate pitches for the two market segments.

The team did the awareness of the event and also asked them to register by sending them a link via email mentioning that the attendees will receive the rewards.

The team then did the telephonic calls for the registration of the paid event and assisted the RPC with the payment gateway while on the call.

Survey & Analysis


Percent IT Managers, Marketing Managers and above


Telephonic Interview
Telephonic Interview
Online Survey
Online Survey

Key Takeaways

1347 Attendees
3 Qualifying Questions
8 weeks