A Fairer Future: An Introspective Look at Professional Services

Access our latest spotlight series to discover best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the professional services sector.

Our Key Discussion Points

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a hot topic in today’s workforce, where it is important that companies not only focus on their employees’ backgrounds but also on what they can do for the company. DEI begins at the top with leaders who advocate for change, before trickling down through management levels, to create meaningful change at work, particularly for the groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in the workforce.

Our spotlight series is focused on four core topics within DEI including gender, ethnicity, LGBTQ+, and disability. The series aims to both inspire sensitivity, bring awareness to marginalized communities and provide listeners with tools to help their businesses capitalize on diversity and inclusion for their organization.

    Access Exclusive Insights

    Join our latest series as we explore these topics with our panel of experts:

    Spotlight on LGBTQ+ 

    Our Topics Include:

    • Focus on LGBTQ+ Inclusivity
    • Discrimination in the Workplace
    • Intersectionality in LGBTQ+
    • Pinkwashing

    Spotlight on Gender   (Coming Soon)

    Our Topics Include:

    • The Speed of Gender Inclusivity
    • Sub-Sector Representation
    • Intersectionality of Women
    • Practical Approaches for the C-Suite


    Spotlight on Ethnicity  (Coming Soon)

    Our Topics Include:

    • C-Suite Ethnic Minority Representation
    • Diversity Offers Higher Return on Equity
    • Microaggressions in the Workplace
    • Anti-Racism Training and Allyship

    Spotlight on Disability  (Coming Soon)

    Our Topics Include:

    • Disability and Company Culture
    • Support Initiatives and Accessibility
    • Encouraging Disclosure
    • Practical Approaches for the C-Suite

    Host And Speakers

    Rachael Kinsella

    Editor in Chief


    Rachael has specialized in professional and financial services editorial, business development, marketing and communications since 2003. An enthusiastic advocate of the power of thought leadership, she thrives on the challenge of forming and delivering creative concepts and content from complex data and themes, bringing unique ideas and perspectives to life. Highlights include leading and crafting thought leadership programs for global superbrands, including the flagship financial regulation series at KPMG International and Corporate Financier magazine at the ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty.

    Georgina Court

    Global Inclusion Specialist

    (Speaker) LGBTQ+

    Georgina is the Global Inclusion Specialist at Clifford Chance and is responsible for creating, designing, and implementing Diversity and Inclusion initiatives from International Women’s Day to PRIDE month and more. She works alongside the global Director of Inclusion in ensuring that people feel supported and able to bring their whole selves to work as well as thinking about what needs to change structurally.

    A Fairer Future: Equity and Inclusion in Professional Services
    Key insights into diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies on gender, ethnicity, LGBTQ+ and disability inclusivity.