A Fairer Future: An Introspective Look at Professional Services

Access our latest spotlight series to discover best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the professional services sector.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a hot topic in today’s workforce, where it is important that companies not only focus on their employees’ backgrounds but also on what they can do for the company. DEI begins at the top with leaders who advocate for change, before trickling down through management levels, to create meaningful change at work, particularly for the groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in the workforce.

Our spotlight series is focused on four core topics within DEI including gender, ethnicity, LGBTQ+, and disability. The series aims to both inspire sensitivity, bring awareness to marginalized communities and provide listeners with tools to help their businesses capitalize on diversity and inclusion for their organization.

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    Spotlight on LGBTQ+

    Spotlight on Ethnicity

    Spotlight on Gender

    Spotlight on Disability

    Spotlight on LGBTQ+ 

    Focus on LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

    • What are the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ employees?
    • LGBTQ+ issues are less likely to be raised in DEI initiatives – why is this and how can we bring further visibility to the topic?
    • How can employers be LGBTQ+ friendly (i.e. gender-neutral toilets, gender-inclusive terms)?

    Discrimination in the Workplace

    • LGBTQ+ employees often face both verbal/physical hostility in the workplace or have experienced unfair treatment at work. How do we protect them?
    • How can we create safer spaces for LGBTQ+ employees to feel comfortable to ‘come out’ at work?
    • The importance of inclusive policies and procedures for LGBTQ+ employees (e.g. family leave, same-sex partner benefits, healthcare coverage).

    Intersectionality in LGBTQ+

    • What are the differences LGBTQ+ POC may face?
    • Trans employees face a distinct set of obstacles to performance and career progression – how can we support them?
    • LGBTQ+ women are more underrepresented than women – how does isolation factor into the workplace experience?


    • What is meant by the terms ‘pinkwashing’ and ‘rainbow capitalism’?
    • How can we call out performative corporate inclusion that isn’t backed up with active efforts for change?
    • How widespread is performative corporate inclusion?

    Practical Approaches for the C-Suite

    • We discuss solutions to how the leaders of organizations can implement effective DEI strategies based on LGBTQ+.

    Spotlight on Ethnicity  (Coming Soon)

    C-Suite Ethnic Minority Representation

    • How does systematic racism factor into representation in the workplace?
    • What are the barriers faced by BAME senior leaders?
    • What accounts for the very low levels of racial diversity across C-suite roles?
    • Should companies disclose diversity in greater detail by level and function?

    Diversity Offers Higher Return on Equity

    • Why does diversity create better financial performance?
    • What is ‘groupthink’ and the importance in eliminating this?
    • How can your organization invest in diversity?

    Microaggressions in the Workplace

    • What are microaggressions (microassault, microinsult, microinvalidation)?
    • What is the impact of microaggressions on those affected?
    • How to respond to microaggressions?

    Anti-Racism Training and Allyship

    • How can we combat explicit and unconscious racial bias in the workforce?
    • How does privilege relate to allyship and anti-racism?
    • How can workplaces be actively anti-racist?
    • What are the damages done by performative allyship?
    • Why is it important and how to be an effective ally in the workplace?

    Practical Approaches for the C-Suite

    • We discuss solutions as to how the leaders of organizations can implement effective DEI strategies based on ethnicity.

    Spotlight on Gender   (Coming Soon)

    The Speed of Gender Inclusivity

    • Global gender parity in the workplace is expected to be achieved in 132 years if the current speed of change persists – why is it taking so long?
    • Why are women underrepresented in leadership roles?
    • Examples of change in the workplace in recent years that help women in the sector. (i.e. flexible and remote work)?

    Sub-Sector Representation

    • A breakdown of the professional services sector representation on gender: journalism, politics, law, consultancy, architecture, and accountancy.

    Intersectionality of Women

    • How are the barriers different for black and other minority ethnic women?
    • How are the barriers different for trans women?
    • How does the wage gap differ between BAME women vs. white men and women?
    • Do women-focused efforts help other ‘outsider’ groups ?
    • Are initiatives that are focused on women truly focused on all women, or do they tend to primarily help white women?

    Practical Approaches for the C-Suite

    • We discuss solutions as to how the leaders of organizations can implement effective DEI strategies based on gender.

    Spotlight on Disability  (Coming Soon)

    Disability and Company Culture

    • What is disability inclusion?
    • In an iResearch Services pulse survey, conducted in July 2022, with over 200 HR professionals and DEI specialists across the UK and US; Just under 30% don’t include disability issues in their DEI training.
    • How open are organizations to disabled employees – are they unintentionally discouraging people from applying for work (e.g. application format, online accessibility)?
    • What are the challenges people with disabilities face in the workplace?
    • What are the benefits of good disability inclusion policies?

    Support Initiatives and Accessibility

    • People with disabilities need to feel included in and comfortable with their physical working space, and office design needs to take this into account. How can companies achieve this?
    • Are organizations supporting people with different accessibility needs such as assistive technologies (i.e. devices for visually or hearing-impaired individuals)?

    Encouraging Disclosure

    • How can companies encourage disclosure of disabilities and health conditions?
    • How can companies promote a positive approach towards health and well-being and a commitment to disability and inclusion?
    • How can we build safe cultures for disabled people?

    Practical Approaches for the C-Suite

    • We discuss solutions to how the leaders of organizations can implement effective DEI strategies based on disability.

    Host And Speakers

    Rachael Kinsella

    Editor in Chief


    Rachael has specialized in professional and financial services editorial, business development, marketing and communications since 2003. An enthusiastic advocate of the power of thought leadership, she thrives on the challenge of forming and delivering creative concepts and content from complex data and themes, bringing unique ideas and perspectives to life. Highlights include leading and crafting thought leadership programs for global superbrands, including the flagship financial regulation series at KPMG International and Corporate Financier magazine at the ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty.

    Georgina Court

    Global Inclusion Specialist

    (Speaker) LGBTQ+

    Georgina is the Global Inclusion Specialist at Clifford Chance and is responsible for creating, designing, and implementing Diversity and Inclusion initiatives from International Women’s Day to PRIDE month and more. She works alongside the global Director of Inclusion in ensuring that people feel supported and able to bring their whole selves to work as well as thinking about what needs to change structurally.

    A Fairer Future: Equity and Inclusion in Professional Services
    Key insights into diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies on gender, ethnicity, LGBTQ+ and disability inclusivity.