On-Demand Roundtable:
Forging the Future with Thought Leadership

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Key Discussion Points

Does Thought Leadership Need to be Redefined?

Thought Leadership vs. Content Marketing – is it all the same?

How is thought leadership evolving beyond marketing and communications to becoming a tool to influence and support the wider organization, for example, across the strategic direction, sales enablement, and reputation management?

Share of Voice vs. Share of Search – what’s the end goal of thought leadership?

The Future of Thought Leadership

Where will Thought Leadership be five to ten years from now?

What does it take to be ‘future-ready’? How can we collaboratively get ready and how are helping aspiring thought leaders get ready for this?

Practical Approaches to Thought Leadership

How do you use your thought leadership to its maximum for marketing activities? How does this feed into the role of Marketing guiding the business and working with other areas of the organization?

How can thought leadership be a tool for commercial success and reach the right audiences, internally and externally? Is it a useful tool for engaging with hard-to-reach senior audiences?

How do you measure thought leadership?

How do you integrate thought leadership programs strategically to maximize ROI, revenue, and growth? How can thought leadership be used commercially by all areas of a business?

The idea of thought leadership was made popular by an influential 1997 book by Joel Kurtzman which focused on promoting organizational learning, sharing best practices, and helping leaders apply those practices in their own contexts. Today, thought leadership has become a precedence for many organizations and business marketers who are eager for innovation and insights. The development of thought leadership content demonstrates your organizations’ abilities to determine both the company’s philosophy and creativity with well-crafted content that can help reach and grow your target audience, build meaningful relationships with your audience at scale, and enhance your credibility as a market leader and influencer in your industry.

Catch up on our roundtable, which deep dives into the foundations of thought leadership, how it can help engage your audience and add value to your business, along with the future trends of thought leadership and how it can practically help your organization.

71% CMOs believe that thought leadership remains the single most important tool for sentiment and relationship building, according to our research. Can your organization afford not to be future-ready?

The roundtable consisted of insights from thought leadership specialists: Yogesh Shah, CEO of iResearch Services, Gurpreet Purewal, VP of Sales – Thought Leadership, Kevin Anthony, Associate Director – Thought Leadership Sales, Shabnam Gangar, VP of Marketing, Andrew Newby, Director of Operations.

Host and Speakers

Rachael Kinsella (Host)

Editor in Chief

Rachael has specialized in professional and financial services editorial, business development, marketing and communications since 2003. An enthusiastic advocate of the power of thought leadership, she thrives on the challenge of forming and delivering creative concepts and content from complex data and themes, bringing unique ideas and perspectives to life. Highlights include leading and crafting thought leadership programs for global superbrands, including the flagship financial regulation series at KPMG International and Corporate Financier magazine at the ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty.

Yogesh Shah


Yogesh is an established business professional with an extensive background in consulting, market research, data analytics, and business leadership. Throughout his career, he has leveraged his skillset in advanced research methodologies and project management to provide business professionals with trend-setting insights. As a CEO, Yogesh has helped iResearch grow into a marketing-first agency helping Fortune 500 brands to build digital-trust with their modern consumer through thought leadership. He initiated the Giving for Good Foundation, a charity supporting disadvantaged children, and actively steers several campaigns through this award-winning social venture which has underpinned & enriched the lives of more than 10,000 children. Yogesh holds an MBA, and has also undergone leadership training at London Business school and actively shares his insights on Forbes, LinkedIn, and Medium.

Gurpreet Purewal

VP of Sales –
Thought Leadership

Gurpreet is a passionate business development specialist with a key desire to deliver for his clients. With over 10 years of experience, he has assisted global organizations with their marketing needs, consulting on campaign strategy, media planning, market research, thought leadership, and events. His approach focuses on aligning the client’s marketing objectives to their business needs to achieve the desired outcomes. His past experience includes leading the technology practice at Longitude (Financial Times Thought Leadership division) and creating a marketing services proposition at Future plc.

Kevin Anthony

Associate Director –
Thought Leadership Sales

Kevin is a seasoned sales, PR, and business development consultant with over 13 years’ experience helping business leaders meet their strategic objectives with thought leadership initiatives. He has leveraged his sales experience, industry knowledge, and relationship management skills to expand and promote iResearch Services’ influence and reputation in North America and Europe across a breadth of industries.

Shabnam Gangar

VP Marketing

Shabnam is a highly-driven, ambitious multi-disciplinary global marketing specialist with over ten years of experience in B2B and B2C strategy, marketing, and communications. She is passionate about marketing with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Journalism and Media, a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and numerous Public Relations (PRCA) and Communications Association accreditations. She has helped align, lead, and drive marketing and sales to deliver measurable business impact and ROI for leading global brands and businesses. Creating and implementing compelling campaigns across all customer touchpoints, Shabnam has extensive knowledge and expertise in multi-channel marketing, including brand activation and advocacy, launching new products and services into the market. As well as project and event planning, she has devised content, influencer marketing, PR, advertising, digital, social media, and design strategies to produce commercial growth.

Andrew Newby

Director of Operations

Andrew Newby is a key project manager specialized in research planning with over 23 years of business leadership experience. A veteran of the media industry, Andrew has advised leading industry titans such as the Economist Intelligence Unit, Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, and Thomson Reuters. His notable achievements include annual reviews of service provisions in foreign exchange, cash management and private banking in addition to the quarterly Economist and Financial Times Global Business Confidence barometer, which remain industry benchmarks to this day. With an established portfolio of over 200 economic research initiatives with leading business journals, Andrew remains a venerable powerhouse of insightful analysis; and a valued contributor to our team.

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