On-Demand Webinar:
Opportunities and Challenges for Becoming More Sustainable in the Tech Industry

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Key Discussion Points

The Opportunities and Challenges for Becoming More Sustainable in the Tech Industry

• What are the new opportunities for tech companies?

• What have been the challenges for most tech companies?

• What is stopping businesses from becoming sustainable?

How Can Technology Lead the Way in Sustainability?

• What specifically can the tech industry do to implement
change from an ESG perspective – does it need more support?

• Our ‘How Sustainable is Tech?’ report states over half of all respondents state that governments need to support the technology sector to become more sustainable.

The Prevalence of Greenwashing in the Tech Industry

• How can organizations work to reduce greenwashing across the industry?

• Our ‘How Sustainable is Tech?’ report states that almost all tech companies questioned said that sustainability is important/very important to their business.

• What support do we expect from the government, and is enough action being taken?

The Power of Partnerships

• How can the power of partnerships help improve sustainability in tech?

• Partnerships with like-minded businesses, trade bodies, and membership organizations can help businesses to develop new products and new platforms and to provide more sustainable services to customers.

• Our ‘How Sustainable is Tech?’ report suggests that a significant proportion of the tech industry is partnering with other tech organizations – not necessarily companies in different sectors. How does this affect competition within the tech sector?

Sustainability has become a boardroom priority for companies in all sectors. Technology companies have been among the most vocal supporters of improving sustainability. Some tech companies have claimed that technologies, including cloud computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), can help companies cut carbon emissions, model climate change, and work out new ways to ease it.

It all sounds good in theory, but are technology companies as green as they say they are? Are they spending enough on sustainability? Which technologies are doing the most to help improve sustainability, and which are lagging?

Join our webinar as we explore these topics with our guest speakers Emanuel Kolta from GSMA Intelligence, Alexandra Nicholson from Pegasystems, Bruno Sarda from EY and iResearch’s very own Editor in Chief, Rachael Kinsella.

Host and Speakers

Rachael Kinsella (Host)

Editor in Chief

Rachael has specialized in professional and financial services editorial, business development, marketing and communications since 2003. An enthusiastic advocate of the power of thought leadership, she thrives on the challenge of forming and delivering creative concepts and content from complex data and themes, bringing unique ideas and perspectives to life. Highlights include leading and crafting thought leadership programs for global superbrands, including the flagship financial regulation series at KPMG International and Corporate Financier magazine at the ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty.

Alexandra Nicholson

Senior Director of
Social Media and Impact

Alexandra is the Senior Director of Social Media and Impact at Pegasystems. Alexandra has spent her career building transformative social and digital strategies. In addition, she specialises in building social media teams, functions, and practices. Alexandra holds a BA degree from University of Maryland Global Campus.

Emanuel Kolta

Senior Analyst

Emanuel is a Senior Analyst in GSMA Intelligence’s Consulting team, supporting the GSMA Future Networks programme. He enables the Future Networks programme to make informed and concise decisions to help achieve business objectives. Emanuel also identifies economic benefits for mobile networks, which are related to innovations that unlock emerging business opportunities and improves operator’s cost intensity.

Bruno Sarda

Principal, Climate Change
& Sustainability Services

Bruno is a sustainability and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) executive with more than 20 years of experience operating at the forefront of social and business transformation, leading through rapid and disruptive change and is experienced in advising clients at all stages of maturity on their ESG and sustainability journey. As East Region leader and Energy Transition and Tech-Media-Telecom sector lead in Climate Change and Sustainability practice at Ernst & Young LLP, based in the New York metro area, he helps global companies develop and execute their climate and sustainability strategies and programs.

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